Warhammer 40k - Battle Report - Space Wolves vs Dark Angels 2000pts

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3-5 Lower Cockcroft

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Narration by Sam And Oliver (blackburn 40k)

The Dark Angels (oliver) and Space Wolves (Sam) Explorer Force's spot on another on the battle field. Old wounds Ache and the fighting begins, a shadow of their Primarchs from over 10,000 years before.

Maelstrom - Cloak And Shadows
Deployment - Dawn of War

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Grim Dark Battle: Nightbringer Vs Ynnead Warhammer 40K

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Fear...Hope...This is what these 2 Gods of the Dead embody. On one side we have the ancient C'Tan, the Nightbringer while on the other its the newly awakened Aeldari God, Ynnead. Place your bets as we begin this GrimDark Battle.

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Montgomery, IL, 60538

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NEUER CODEX NECRONS REVIEW Warhammer 40k 8. Edition Was können die neuen Necrons??? Tab

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Du willst mich unterstützen?

Hier seht ihr ein REVIEW zum NEUEN NECRON CODEX.
Was können die Necrons?
Sind sie besser geworden?
Welche Einheiten werden wir in Zukunft auf der Platte sehen?
Das alles besprechen wir im Review.

Ich wünsche euch viel Spaß beim Anschauen.

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BoLS Deep Dive | Codex Necrons | Warhammer 40,000

by Bell of Lost Souls Set from this video
Host: StableAbe
Co-Host: JayArr
Music: Heavy | Huma-Huma
Sound FX: Temple Bell | Mike Koenig...


Codex Necrons review

by JAAD Productions Set from this video

oh man am i late with this one! i had this done a week ago. guess like the spooky scary skeletons i was to busy sleeping off a rough time ;)...

Dawn of Peacemakers
by Club Fantasci
A story-driven board game experience with a continuing campaign. Try to reach a peaceful conclusion with your fellow adventurers.
November 2017, Pori, Finland, US
15:27 - 24 April 2018

Update #17

Physical sample

Here's one of the most exciting project updates yet! Today I'm glad to be able to share the so-called pre-production copy with all of you. A look at the pre-production copy The pre-production copy has all printed components from the final game. There are a few differences, main thing being that this sample copy is assembled by hand. The intent is to check the colours and materials of the game thoroughly before mass production. In our case it's also extremely important to check that everything is packed correctly. This is important so that you don't get spoiled when opening the game and your pl ... Read more
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Codex of Necrons and Adeptus Mechanicus

by TheSaraGames Set from this video

Just a video looking at 2 codices, Necron special edition and Adeptus Mechanicus for 8th edition. Also some talk and showing of models that I had been working on during my depression.

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by Doom & Darkness Set from this video

A very basic overview of my experiences with Stormfiends and the best ways to run them. please add your own experiences below....

Noggin The Nog - The Miniatures!
by David Wood
A project to bring life to Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate's creations as metal miniatures suitable for collecting & gaming.
October 2017, Stockport, UK, GB
20:10 - 23 April 2018

Update #27

Noggin and the artwork!!

Excellent work by Mark Weston with the help of Uncle Pete (hindrance supplied by myself) and we have the artwork for both the presentation box and the blister card.....that being for the add ons and the next product launch once I (finally, I know) get your Nogs out to you!! Waiting on the printers now to come back with quotes and, without further ado, on to the pics........ Box front..... Box rear & sides..... Blister card front.... Blister card rear..... . Read full text
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Thanquol and Boneripper painting tutorial

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Jagged Alliance - The Board Game
by Underground Games
A co-operative, tactical 1-4 player game based on the Jagged Alliance series. Lead, train and gear up your mercs to take back Arulco!
October 2017, Frankfurt, Germany, DE
18:58 - 23 April 2018

Update #31

Day-Night and inside Larry's head

Hi there, today we want to dive a little deeper into the updated dictator mechanics that we have updated based on your feedback and play testing and how they fit nicely with one of the most fun mercenaries around: Larry Roachburn. Also, the Castle von Loghan Kickstarter is due to start on the 3rd of May and if you like deep story dive exploration, co-op and diceless combat, topped with time travelling action across three boards, this one is for you, so check it out! Back to our day and night mechanics - we have a new (not final graphics) dictator board that features three spaces on the side f ... Read more
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art of tactic #23 (сравнение kv-1(mod-1940)-L-11 и kv-1(mod-1941)-F-32)

by Веселый Танкист Set from this video

сравнение kv-1(mod-1940)-L-11 и kv-1(mod-1941)-F-32...

28 декабря 2017 -> now
Miniature (x1) id: maw-1944506 82%
Scale: 28mm Material: Resin
3D Printable Tanks
by 3D Wargaming
3D Printable kits with superb finish, designed to print great even on low-end 3D printers!
October 2017, Montreal, Canada, CA
21:52 - 23 April 2018

Update #31

Last few models.

As you may have noticed, we have recently put remaining unreleased model on "Pre-order". Now you don't have to wait for us to grant you access before getting your hand on your models. Parts of the kits will be available as we make and test them, which also allow you to try out the kit in the same time as us. To be honest if we knew, we would have done that since the very beginning. That would have saved us a lot of trouble with the access granting. Note taken for our next Kickstarters. Regardless. the Beta of the Su-76, Pz III and StuG III are now available for you to try out. https://3dwarga ... Read more
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Messerschmitt Bf-109 G6 In-box 1:48 Zvezda

by Set from this video

Detailed In-box Messerschmitt Bf-109 G6, 1:48 scale from Zvezda (catalog number 4816 - edition 2017). Excellent model, great details and clear parts, medium decals. In the presentation, we also show selected add-ons dedicated to this model.

Szczegółowy In-box Messerschmitta Bf-109 G6 w skali 1:48 od Zvezda - Model Kits(numer katalogowy 4816 - edycja 2017). Znakomity model, świetne detale i oszklenia, średnie kalki. W prezentacji pokazujemy także wybrane dodatki waloryzujące do tego modelu....


Su 27 SM / revell / zvezda

by Tofik Set from this video

ARCZI MODELER - scale model youtube channel

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Mi - 28N ("Havoc"). Russian Attack Helicopter

by Defense Tech Russia Set from this video

This short promo video is about The Mil Mi-28N (NATO reporting name "Havoc")....