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Warhammer Soundtrack - Sigmar Protects

by SoulReAver987 Set from this video

The song Sigmar Protects of the Warhammer Mark of Chaos Soundtrack. The Soundtrack was composed by Jeremy Soule.

Sigmar ist der Gott des Kultes des Sigmar und erster Imperator.

Bevor Sigmar erschien, waren die Menschen in kleine Klans unterteilt, die sich gegenseitig bekämpften. Sigmar aus dem Stamm der Unberogen rettete den Zwergenkönig Kurgan Eisenbart und seine Gefolgsleute vor Orks und Goblins. Zum Zeichen seines Dankes schenkten die Zwerge ihm den Kriegshammer Ghal Maraz, auch bekannt als Schädelspalter. Seit diesem Zeitpunkt war Sigmar als Sigmar Heldenhammer bekannt und ga...


Warhammer Storm of Magic army list

by Steven McCullough Set from this video



warhammer world Storm of Magic display

by 3000whitedragon Set from this video

Storm of Magic display...


warhammer world Storm of Magic display 2

by 3000whitedragon Set from this video

warhammer world Storm of Magic display 2...


warhammer world Storm of Magic display 3

by 3000whitedragon Set from this video

warhammer world Storm of Magic display 3...


Triumph & Treachery #1 (Dawn of treachery)

by Mo11usq Set from this video

Four-way Triumph and Treachery between Beastmen, Dark Elves, Dwarves and Warriors of Chaos.

The Goatriders Horde by 3 Inches of Blood
Check them out!...


Warhammer Triumph and Treachery

by Etienne Lessard Set from this video



Triumph and Treachery Battle Report

by Bromance Wargaming Set from this video

Wood Elves vs Warriors of Chaos vs High Elves. 2000pts Battle for the Artifact....


Warhammer Triumph and Treachery

by M.A.Wargaming Set from this video

Shammeh sits down and talks about Warhammer, Triumph and Treachery, the new multiplayer expansion for Warhammer Fantasy....


Warhammer Battle Report: 8 Triumph and Treachery

by KingG Set from this video

Skaven vs High Elves vs Nurgle Demons vs Orcs and Goblins
3000 pts each, no mercenaries.

"Take the Lead" Kevin MacLeod ( 
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0...


Warhammer Supplement: Triumph & Treachery

by LongIslandWarGaming Set from this video

Warhammer Supplement: Triumph & Treachery...


Embrace of Thorns - Hymn to Triumph and Treachery

by Superion Kommand Set from this video

Full-length: Atonement Ritual
Genre: Black/Death Metal
Country: Greece
Year: 2009

Initiation time...
Let me invite you to a world of pain,
Of ever dying carnal icons.
Scarified for countless reasons,
Humiliated earthlings,
Hazy eyes, aspirations denied, forever
Their sanity devoured

Sathanas, my hope, my devotion,
My unsatisfied desire...
Fruit of my bleeding torment, bringer
of my unconquerable strength
And endurance, Promethean spiritus,
Luciferian brightness
My suffering is petty
For I've seen the
truth, your blazing truth.
The bitterness of treachery,
The weight of expectations,
The t...


Warhammer Triumph & Treachery 1500 pts Lizardmen, Empire, Warriors of chaos - batrep#59

by Jedkar Set from this video

Game of Triumph & treachery 3 way. I get to play the converted Skullcrushers for my "dragon" themed army....


Bromance vs. Triumph and Treachery

by Bromance Wargaming Set from this video

The Bromanciers attempt our first game of Triumph and Treachery to cap off a long day of Warhammering....


Project Island Of Blood: Day 7 (Rat Ogres Part 2)

by feralstryke Set from this video - Kens videos (bretonnians and other random vids)...


Project Island Of Blood: Day 1 (Foundation)

by feralstryke Set from this video

The Start of my next project, planning to get them all done in a two month period (so just before december which I have plans for another project). Foundation took me a couple of days to do liked how the two different foundation colors worked together (He-Orkhide shade and Skaven-Calthan brown)....


New Releases: Warhammer: Wood Elves

by GamesWorkshopWNT Set from this video Set from this video

If you go down to'll find May's brand new Wood Elves releases!

Featuring the fabled Treeman Ancient and the indomitable Durthu, the Wood Elves are truly a force to be reckoned with!

Find out much more at