The Heart of Africa

Solomon Kane
Play as a Virtue guiding Solomon Kane in a 1-4 player co-op game of storytelling, resource management & tactical miniatures play.
Setting: Pirates 35mm
June 2018, Newark, DE, US
20:56 - 14 June 2018

Update #11

The Heart of Africa

In Solomon Kane'€™s time, Africa was a deeply mysterious and dangerous land. Little explored by Europeans, it was a place of near-legend. Kane is one of the few who dares to brave the trek to its shores, and fewer still who venture into its interior. For this reason, he is a stranger in this endless land of magic and cannibals, and has to rely more than ever on his inner strength and the blessings of his immortal companions. Unsurprisingly, it is not long before Solomon Kane is in the middle of a deadly situation once more.

There are two new Adventures in this box, both based on stories by Robert E. Howard. These are the Wings in the Night and The Footfalls Within. Between them, these Adventures have a total of 5 Acts (50 chapters).

5 acts, 50 chapters, 30 hours to play everything once (but lots of replayability)
5 acts, 50 chapters, 30 hours to play everything once (but lots of replayability)

Box Contents

The box contains everything you need to join Solomon Kane on these African Adventures. This comprises hundreds of cards, a story book, new tiles, tokens, and loads of gorgeous new miniatures, including the enormous Red Horror.

Wings in the Night

The broad outline of the story as it occurred in Howard'€™s novel is as follows. Remember though, that this is what happened there. You and your friends make the decisions in your games, and perhaps your skill or your luck outstrips his previous efforts!

Solomon Kane escapes from the cannibals

An encounter with cannibals starts this Adventure, though Kane does his best not to spend too much time in their dangerous company. Even so, as soon as he escapes he falls straight into the fire from the frying pan, walking into a ruined village that has been terrorised by the inhuman akaana. These strange flying creatures seem to be a horrible amalgam of bat or bird and human, and they strain Kane'€™s definition of '€œGod'€™s creatures'€ to breaking point. Are they part of the strange natural world in this alien land, the work of the devil, or some dark summoning from the mind of a sick wizard? Any of these seem possible. And any of them are, depending on the path you take and decisions you make.

The wings! The wings! They come again!
The wings! The wings! They come again!

'€œThe wings! The wings! They come again!'€


Solomon undertakes to protect the innocent villagers, and when this plan goes tragically wrong he swears vengeance as atonement for his error.

'€œAnd now he wondered if it were not all a nightmare.'€

Fighting a numerous foe, who can fly as well as fight, makes this a unique challenge for the Puritan hero.

Goru, the priest
Goru, the priest

Tribal champion

As the numbers of the akaanas dwindled, their hellish savagery increased.
As the numbers of the akaanas dwindled, their hellish savagery increased.

Footfalls Within

Solomon Kane does not approve of slavery. In fact, it utterly disgusts him, and his first thought, on finding a train of Arab slavery is:

'€œWo unto ye, sons of iniquity, for the wrath of God is upon ye.'€

When I said he did not approve, Howard says:

'€œThe fury Solomon Kane felt would have been enough at any time and in any place to shake a man to his foundation; now it assumed monstrous proportions, so that Kane shivered as if with a chill, iron claws scratched at his brain and he saw the slaves and the slavers through a crimson mist.'€

Kane saw Hassim swayed like a reed in the wind, lapped about by a gigantic pulsing red Thing that had neither shape nor earthly substance.
Kane saw Hassim swayed like a reed in the wind, lapped about by a gigantic pulsing red Thing that had neither shape nor earthly substance.

 So, despite the fact that he is alone, he cannot help himself. He must confront the slavers'€¦


In the original tale, Solomon is captured and dragged along with the slave train, through the jungles. Eventually they happen across an ancient mausoleum, hidden in the green shade. It is an ancient structure, around which nothing grows. The atmosphere is one of dread, yet it is so curious that they approach. On its iron door are unintelligible writings that make those trying to read them even more uneasy. Even the dank air seems to pulse with the evil breath of some demonic monster.

The Red Horror

Of course, the Solomon Kane game doesn'€™t force you to relive the same experience as the novels. There are several threads for the story to evolve into, and though you may retrace the written steps from the original stories, you may equally forge your own path, and do better, or worse, than Howard'€™s Solomon Kane did.

If you are interested in any of these add-ons, simply click on the blue '€œmanage your pledge'€ button near the top of the page. Then increase your total by the amount of any add-ons you wish to include in your pledge. So, if you have a Puritan pledge ($110) and want to add the Heart of Africa ($55), you would increase your total to $165. If you decide to add Right Hand of Doom  later ($10), simply click on the blue '€œmanage your pledge'€ button again, and add that amount to your total. You can change your pledge as many times as you want while the campaign is running.

During the campaign, Kickstarter doesn'€™t let you tell us what the money you pledge is actually for, so don'€™t worry about that now. Instead, after the Kickstarter is over we will send you a '€œpledge manager'€. This allows you to tell us exactly how you want to allocate your pledge, which add-ons you would like, how many core boxes, and (most importantly) where we need to send it all!

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Update #11

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