New Land

Solomon Kane
Play as a Virtue guiding Solomon Kane in a 1-4 player co-op game of storytelling, resource management & tactical miniatures play.
Setting: Pirates 35mm
June 2018, Newark, DE, US
2:21 - 13 June 2018

Update #5

New Land

Two more stretch goals have fallen in the tale of the Witchfinder General. The first of these adds two new double-sided tiles to go with the new Adventure. Without giving too much away, they are magistrates chambers and a jail, among other things. Surely Solomon Kane isn'€™t on the wrong side of the law?

These tiles tessellate with many of the ones in the core box (matching the art is the only restriction), meaning that the maps for this Adventure are not limited by only having 2 new tiles.

The second stretch goal unlocks the remaining 15  Chapter cards which will tell the climax of this Adventure. Solomon Kane and the Witchfinder struggle for the soul of the town, with Kane trying to expose the underhanded and immoral tactics of the General, while his foe denounces anyone who dares to cross him. Including Kane himself!

There is a careful balance to be struck here. Kane needs to persuade the villagers to his cause, but crossing swords with the Witchfinder directly may only serve to convince them that he is heretic himself. And even if he wants to fight the Witchfinder, Kane has to get past his guards first'€¦

The next stretch goal will take us to $400,000, and add a new character to this Adventure.

Update #5

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.

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