The Witchfinder General's Reinforcements

Solomon Kane
Play as a Virtue guiding Solomon Kane in a 1-4 player co-op game of storytelling, resource management & tactical miniatures play.
Setting: Pirates 35mm
June 2018, Newark, DE, US
12:05 - 13 June 2018

Update #6

The Witchfinder General's Reinforcements

It seems like the stretch goals just kept on falling overnight and we'€™re now most of the way through Witchfinder General.


First up is the Magistrate.



Solomon Kane serves a higher power than any local magistrate, yet even he cannot ignore the power that such petty bureaucrats hold. When he is being manipulated by the conniving Witchfinder, Kane'€™s job is even harder. Even so, Solomon Kane is never one to shirk a task, however hard it may be, if it is just!


The magistrate is one of the central characters in this Adventure, holding a great deal of power in the small town in which it is set. Influencing him is a key task within the twists and turns of the plot, though exactly how it is best achieved is not initially clear. And all the while Solomon Kane bends his every effort to do what is right and proper, the Witchfinder strives to undermine his words. Who will win the magistrate'€™s trust?  

 At $425k we unlocked 20 Discovery cards. Discovery cards are a central concept for the Solomon Kane game. They are a bit like pages from a choose-your-own-adventure book, hiding secrets and unknowns from the players until their actions reveal them. Unlike the Darkness, Event, and Virtue cards that are common to all Adventures, the Discovery cards are specific to each Adventure. This means that every time you start to tell a new tale you can be assured of new secrets and surprises.  

The number of Discovery cards, on top of the already varied Chapters and AI, means that you can play the same Adventure several times without seeing everything. They also make both fights and conversations dynamic and varied, leading down different paths each time depending on a combination of player choices and luck. They mean that simple fights against a henchman can be dealt with quickly, while epic battles against a mighty boss can be given the detail and elaboration they deserve. It'€™s a very flexible system, and one that we are still finding new and interesting ways to manipulate. But rest assured - we'€™ll keep wringing the fun out of this till we'€™ve got every last drop!  

Discovery cards

What good is an officer without some lowly soldiers to boss around? We thought so too, and so here are 2 soldiers for your officer to command. In this first instance they will be protecting the Witchfinder General and doing his bidding. However, soldiers like this turn up all over Europe, and so wherever Kane'€™s Adventures take him he is likely to meet up with more uniformed thugs, or principled defenders of the faith '€“ I forget which. Either way, they are useful fellows, and we shall be seeing more of them in future tales.  

 These figures are yet more of the lovely sculpts from our team of talented artists and will be produced in our usual mix of PVC and ABS plastics. This combination is a bit more expensive to make than just PVC but allows us to ensure straight swords and spears as well as flowing robes and sturdier miniatures overall. It'€™s the best combination of materials we'€™ve found for mass productions so far.  


 nother pair of double-sided tiles join your collection, adding more unique elements for the Witchfinder General Adventure.

As with the other tiles, they can be combined in thousands of different combinations, and because we are using 20cm square tiles rather than bigger boards we can arrange our maps in a variety of shapes: single tiles, squares, rectangles, L-shapes, and others all appear in maps for various Chapters across the range of Adventures.  

This flexibility may not sound like much, but it can make a huge difference to the balance and feel of a scene. Suddenly, safety looks like a really long way off, or that choke point reeks of ambush. Adding or removing a single tile from a map can change the whole complexion of a Chapter and is one of the ways we keep things fresh across the huge range of Chapters.  


If 2 soldiers are good, 4 is better. Rather than give you 4 the same, we'€™ve split them into pairs, so you have a bit more variety in your professional violence-vendors.

Of course, the officer is more than happy to have a few new faces to boss about, and the Witchfinder won'€™t say no to more heavily armed bodies between him and danger. Danger that might come in the form of a tall, lean, principled (and rather well-armed) hero. I wonder who that could be?  

 As with the earlier soldiers, these fellows have a great deal of utility, and are able to stand in as French and Germans as well as the English they represent here. Expect to see them on the cast list of another Adventure or two before we are done!  

More soldiers

All of that takes us up to the $500,000 mark in just over 12 hours, to which we can only say a big '€˜thank you'€™! The next stretch goal adds the remaining Discovery cards for Witchfinder General.  

Discovery cards


Update #6

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.

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