FULL UPDATE - Relic Knights

Relic Knights: 2nd Edition
Relic Knights is an anime-themed miniature skirmish game featuring diceless game mechanics and gorgeous miniatures.
February 2017, Boise, ID, US
5:15 - 30 September 2017

Update #49

FULL UPDATE - Relic Knights



If you missed us, we did a full rundown on all KS projects live. If you want to have a detailed run down of our other projects and their status, please check them out here --> <LINK>

The Relic Knights Kickstarter now has a rules revision that is going to result in delays. 

Why is that?

During development playtesting and backer feedback revealed some areas in gameplay and design that were problems for testers and for our creative team. Knowing full well that revising the core rules would cause a delay, and conscious of our other projects, we made the decision in order to make the final game as strong as possible. However, the scope of this redesign has not been nearly as exhaustive as Super Dungeon: Legends and we have already completed the core rules redesign, and are rigorously testing of the product and new units, with a target of turning over final files for Wave 1 content by the end of November 2017, Wave 2 content for production by the end of January 2018, and Wave 3 for March 2018.


What is in each wave?

  • In broad strokes the waves are:
    Wave 1
    2.0 Starter Box
    Assorted Miniatures
    Wave 2
    Relic Knights: 
  • 2nd Edition Rulebook
    Upgrade Deck
    Assorted Miniatures 
  • Wave 3 .
    Void Break Rulebook 

Remaining miniatures and cards
We are currently reconfirming the miniatures for each wave and will post a complete list in a future update. 

There are still a few miniatures we have not yet seen, what is their current status? 

  • Darkspace Mecha Musume Candy (DONE) 
  • Darkspace Delphyne (DONE) 
  • Doctrine Fiametta Resculpt (DONE) 
  • Noh Empire Serpent Priestess with options (DONE) 
  • Darkspace Novitiates Team (In Progress) 
  • Black Diamond Leopold Magnus and Static (Not Started) 
  •  Doctrine Novitiates Resculpts (Not Started) 
  • Darkspace Kenobo (Not Started) 
  • Zineda the Prophet (Not Started) 





When does the Wave 1 Pledge Manager close? 

October 2nd

After the Wave 1 Pledge Manager closes, will I still be able to purchase items from Wave 2 and Wave 3!

Are we still getting cards with our models? 

Yes. The card deck was moved to Wave 2, but is still coming. 

Do you have a new estimate for when each Wave will ship? 

Our current estimate is Spring 2018. Miniatures and molds for Wave 1 is mostly complete with a few issues arising with the Tonnerian Bounty Hunter, necessitating a new mold. We have taken the opportunity to also improve a few components, such as redesigning the cardstock buildings for a more robust design, and adding a larger playmat to the Starter Box.

Update #49

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.

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