Time to call in some favors...

Detective: City of Angels
by A.J. Porfirio
Detective: City of Angels is a board game where detectives solve mysteries in the dark and violent world of 1940's Los Angeles.

October 2017, Nashville, TN, US
17:36 - 11 October 2017

Update #2

Time to call in some favors...

"That's a swift iron..."

... a noir phrase meaning: that's a fast car. 

We've already blown through not one, but TWO stretch goals! Up first, the Favor cards! These are a Kickstarter exclusive* and will NOT be included in the retail version of the game. 

Each detective is dealt one favor card at the beginning of the game that they can "call in" to get a leg up on their fellow gumshoes. Each is a once-per-game ability that will allow you to grab some extra scratch at the right time, speed around the board, or even gain extra leverage on the Chisel. 

Second we have a tutorial script that will help you immediately jump into the game. This is a thematic booklet that walks you through your very first case - Blood on the Pier - without even needing to read the rulebook. The script will teach both the Chisel player and the detectives the key game mechanics and get you playing as quickly as possible.

Next up is our $70k stretch goal, individual tuckboxes for every case! Rather than sorting all the cases into plastic baggies, we'll have custom tuckboxes designed to fit all the cards and standees that come with each case. 

Thank you all and we'll see you on the streets of L.A.!

AJ, Evan, and Vincent

Update #2

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.

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