WIP Wednesday #26

Village Attacks
An epic 1-5 player co-op game where you play as infamous creatures of folklore, defending your castle from the local villagers!
March 2017, Hornchurch, UK, GB
23:54 - 4 October 2017

Update #77

WIP Wednesday #26

Dear backers,

This week we've been approving the last of the miniatures for mass production, and we discovered that one of the monsters wasn't quite pulling his weight, or more accurately, supporting it. Here's the culprit:

 That's right, the Baykok. He's an emaciated fellow, but we found that once he was printed and brought into the physical world his slight frame wasn't quite supporting the miniature as much as we wanted to. So Kieran Russell, our sculptor extraordinaire, got to work on him, and now he's ready to terrorise the local villagers with his nightmarish brethren. Here's the result:

Old Baykok (left) & new Baykok (right)
Old Baykok (left) & new Baykok (right)

 Whilst he was there, Kieran seems to have added some nice little details as well. And that's what we've been up to this week, see you next week!

Nunc est tempus faciendi...

The Grimlord Games Team

Update #77

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