WIP Wednesday #27

Village Attacks
An epic 1-5 player co-op game where you play as infamous creatures of folklore, defending your castle from the local villagers!
March 2017, Hornchurch, UK, GB
0:49 - 12 October 2017

Update #78

WIP Wednesday #27

Dear backers,

More exciting news from China! They've been making these:


 Look closely at the top right of the first image....is that a pitchfork? It is! These are the very first of the mass production moulds that will create somewhere in the region of 500,000 miniatures, bringing the villains and heroes of Village Attacks to life. Oh, and the bottom mould? That's all for the Troll because he's so big :)

There's another matter we just wanted to clear up while we're here. The question of how the ceiling traps will stand on the board has come up a number of times since the start of the campaign and we wanted to show you exactly how these will work. Every one of the ceiling traps has had a small hole sculpted into it, and will come with a clear plastic stand which plugs into this hole. We did the same with with the Artemis miniatures from Endure the Stars, which look like this:

 Until next week!

Nunc est tempus faciendi...

The Grimlord Games Team

Update #78

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