Ever-closer to shipping

Infamy Collectibles
A new range from Infamy aimed at painters and collectors alike. Diverse designs, amazing sculptors and high-quality resin casts.
Setting: Western
October 2017, Nottingham, UK, GB
14:33 - 14 June 2018

Update #23

Ever-closer to shipping

Hello Collectibles backers,

The 15th June is tomorrow, our hoped for shipping date, so we wanted to post an update and let you know that we unfortunately don't quite have all the casts needed to ship out the pledges.  Some casts have not come through in the numbers required, so we must delay shipping one more time. However, we are very close - so close to having everything (and feeling good about the promises from the caster) that we start shipping your pledges in early July, 100%, guaranteed!

If this means that some pledges need to be split-shipped (due to some of the casts still not being in stock) then we will cover any additional postage costs that may be caused.  

But, we are hopeful that will not be the case and you'll have your full order arriving around the front half of July (or perhaps later half if you're in some far away area).

What will you get as backers?

As a thank you for getting in at the start you'll get the 'Kickstarter Edition' of every single Collectibles model. What does this mean? Well, it means that you'll be sent a uniquely packaged version of every model along with some bonuses:

  • Limited edition - the Kickstarter Edition models will all be individually numbered. As this campaign was the only place to pick up these limited editions you're getting some of the lowest number sets Infamy has ever produced.  
  • Black box version - a neat little black box with your Collectibles model inside, snazzed up with art and other details.  
  • Mini art card - a cool collectible card that you can use to fancy up your work station, bookmark stuff, etc.  
  • Extras - we will throw in some other extra goodies to make sure you're thanked for your patience. These will vary based on the investment you've made in the Collectibles Kickstarter.


With shipping time close, please can you double-check that the address you have in BackerKit is correct. If anything is not you can contact us here or through the Infamy Games contact page on the website to let us know.  


It's probable that there will be some spare models once the campaign is shipped and you've got your things through. We could make these casts a part of our future release plans for the Collectibles range, however, we are considering opening up a 'secret store' for Kickstarter backers to access and get themselves the last of these models early - essentially a final chance to get some Kickstarter Edition models you may have missed out on.

Due to the limited numbers of casts these would be rather limited amounts and would be on a first-come, first-served basis.

We would like to know how you feel about this so please let us know in the comments.

Team Infamy

Update #23

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.

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