Updates on the Fortress and Castle sets

Cities of the Black Scrolls - Modular Map-Tile Sets
by Black Scrolls Games
Highly detailed medieval fantasy Castle and City Map-Tiles for 28mm tabletop RPGs like D&D, Pathfinder and other miniature games.
Setting: Fantasy 28mm
November 2017, Kansas City, KS, US
14:04 - 25 June 2018

Update #29

Updates on the Fortress and Castle sets

As the previous links to the Fortress and Castle sets have expired I resent them to you with an update.  

E-mails have been sent to the email address you provided us via Crowdox (mostly the same you use here on Kickstarter), if you haven't got these new letters please search for the term "Cities of the Black Scrolls" and take a look at your 'spam' or   'promotions/updates' tabs and folders, too.

If you already downloaded these sets you'll find the updated files in your Library at DriveThruRPG after you log in, you don't have to add them to your cart again.

Fortress Set

The product has been updated with the war machines and the Fortress in the Mountains expansion, too! (Day/Night versions   + transparent PNGs)

 Castle Set

These are the new areas:  
- theatre (2 tiles)
- armory + secret room
- balconies
- winter garden
- ballroom or entrance room (4 tiles)
- dovecote (you can mix it with the fortress tiles, too)
- undercroft
- small chapel
- torture chamber
- stable
- war-planning room
- bigger dining room with U shaped tables (2 tiles)
- kitchen with bigger fireplaces
- observatory

 What is left?
- balustrade corridors (open on one side with handrail and columns)
- isometric renders for visual aids
- empty versions of the rooms where it is possible
- draft tiles  

They will also come with the final 1.0 release soon.

You have asked what about the bigger rooms and areas. This set contains  mainly smaller rooms and specific areas, the empty versions will let you use them as you want, but if you would like to build larger 3x3 or 4x4 open areas I can recommend you the Modular Inn or the Crypt sets. These are our previous sets and will let you build smaller or larger open areas in different shapes.

Printed sets
As soon as the empty areas will be finished to the Castle set (these will be on the other side of the physical tiles and I'll finish them this week) I'll order the proof prints from the shop to see if everything is fine with the tiles (colors, cuts, etc.). The City set will be produced until the middle of July and I'll order that set, too. Hopefully, the start of shipping can start at the end of July and we can send you the three base sets and the previous finished sets, too.

We greatly appreciate your patience and support!

Antal Kéninger
Black Scrolls Games

Update #29

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.

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