New Year Update and Mega Plague

Ghosts of Gaia TWO: Reinforcements - 28mm Scifi Female Minis
28mm Female Minis for Post Apoc Wargaming. Dressed to kill. Also Rocket Propelled Bunnies. What?
Setting: Sci-fi 28mm
May 2017, Wales, UK, GB
20:53 - 13 January 2018

Update #34

New Year Update and Mega Plague

Happy New Year!

There are still some pledges to go out, so don't panic if you haven't had a notification yet. I know this makes us officially late but currently only be 13 days, that's seconds in Kickstarter time right?

Christmas massively got in the way, and then literally on the train home from my parents I got whacked in the face with the flu. My first flu! And the ill-est I have ever been. Holy hell. I am JUST getting better but I had over a week of lying in bed in pain and sweats. My brain was also melting and even replying to emails was too exhausting.

I am now in recovery but super exhausted, and I REALLY don't want to push it too hard too fast and make myself seriously ill, so I am not operating at 100%, but I am pretty sure you will understand!

I'm back in the office and getting the remaining pledges packed as soon as I can. I am currently sat down as I've been doing it since 9am and am totally shattered - so much for taking it easy (this is my taking it easy, normally I'd plough on til 11!)


On 23rd of January I am launching the next Kickstarter - Freyja's Wrath. This [apart from the rules] will be tied up by then. The intent was for this end of this to not be so close to the next one, but life (ie killer flu) interferred! I'd rather push the date back but it's not possible for a number of reasons, so let's go for it!

I just wanted you to make sure you aren't forgotten as my social media and whatnot fills up with "omg shieldmaidens!", it is the necessary build up but getting these out to you is still my #1 priority.

I've learnt a lot from these last 3 Kickstarters that I am excited to be putting into practice in the next one. It will be extremely fast fulfilled and, well, turn up and you'll see - it's going to be a blast :)


I know I keep saying "any day" for the rules PDF but we are soon. I might be more realistic and say a month though, looking at the rest of my current workload. I have a first draft now though (squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) but we want to do more primary playtesting and tweaking before we get it to you. Basically we want your "first draft" to be 80/90% the final product, so that people don't get confused with older rules or have a negative opinion of the game because of things that haven't been ironed out yet etc.

Again, this is totally due to wanting to give you the best game possible, you could have got it sooner but it would be nowhere near as good.


It's always just me - one Annie, juggling this all, so I mega appreciate and love your kindness and patience, it's a lot on one set of shoulders, especially right now, there is so much going on.


Anyway, I'm going to try and feel less guilty, if you let me! 13 days late... let's get it 95% done by 20!

Thank you

All the loves


Update #34

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