Awaken Realms in 2018

The Edge: Dawnfall
Next level competitive miniature Board Game for 1-4 players from creator of Neuroshima Hex and Cry Havoc.

October 2016, Wroclaw, Poland, GB
22:00 - 2 January 2018

Update #52

Awaken Realms in 2018

Hey everyone!


We hope that you had a great party yesterday (with or without board games ;) ) and we also would like to wish you all a really great 2018! This will be a very different update – not connected to the project itself, but talking more about Awaken Realms as a company.

Since one of our core value is community and we really take it seriously – we would like to share with you all our own reflection on 2017 and plans and ideas for 2018.


For us, this was a really crazy journey – even more so, knowing that just a few years ago we were painting commission models in old’s house basement. Everything that is happening now is our dreams coming true and something that we all wanted to do.

Lords of Hellas Core Box production copy picture

What we need to improve on

When reflecting, we always try to ask ourselves on what front we can mostly improve. After all, first step on fixing a problem is recognizing it. Actually, there is so many areas we see ourselves improving, that it would be hard to write it in here, but we select the ones that we see as most important.

Customer Service 

This is the point that we know we could do so much better. Truth be told, we were just overwhelmed by the number of customers to serve and we were not expecting on how much manpower it will take. 

Even thou most backers did not experience it, there are a lot of people that we have disappointed and they have full right to be angry at us. Those things are unacceptable and we will work hard on improvement – the only thing we can say is that it was never ill-intended. It was mostly combination of lack of resources / administrative paralysis / communication problems within the company. We know that this does not make any real difference and it really sucks to be mistreated and we fully understand if someone is extremely disappointed.

How we want to do to improve it?

First of all – we hired more staff to handle all request. We also improved GameFound system big time, making information flow way easier. We will also implement professional tickets system, that will highlight all of the unsolved cases.

Lords of Hellas Core Boxes prepared for shipping

Overoptimistic delivery times 

Ok, so this happens a lot on Kickstarter and by many delays can be expected, but we also thought “We will be different, when we will give a deadline it will be meet”. Unfortunately, we were not that different at all and we had few very big delays. This is always very hard to admit and in order to make it less hard we post another very optimistic delivery and the circle goes on. This is something we need to work on and start following a great advice: “hope for the best, plan for worse”. 

How we are going to improve on it? 

Fortunately, the more games we produce and deliver the more know-how we get and the better estimation is possible. But we will be also adding some time for expected “unexpected events” ;)

The Edge Dawnfall resin boss

 Those are in our eyes the biggest mistakes in passing year that we will focus on fixing next year. Obviously, there are also a lot of things that go wrong internally inside of company and they consume a lot of time and energy and we have also a full list of those as well.

What we are proud of in 2017?

Ok, but 2017 was not all bad. We also get to create great games, meet new people and make them a part of our crew and grow in term of technology and know-how.

The Edge Dawnfall production quality miniature: Bell Crow
The Edge Dawnfall production quality miniature: Bell Crow

First of all we are very proud of what in our eyes is most important – games that we have produced and developed. This War of Mine: the Board Game – a game, that we did not expect to be rated so high because of how different it was from all other board games. The Edge: Dawnfall that we have delayed making quite a few changes in gameplay and reshape it to be an amazing campaign / skirmish board game we always wanted to make. Lords of Hellas that we produced almost on deadline and in our eyes, is very fresh and awesome approach to territory control games. SiegeStorm that was developed in between as a project that we had tons of fun while working on and is our first “small game”.

This War of Mine: the Board Game had one of the biggest story book in a Board Game.
This War of Mine: the Board Game had one of the biggest story book in a Board Game.

 Secondly, we have grown as a team. Quite a lot actually – we had to change offices 3 times during this year, as we always lacked a space for new passionate people to join our efforts. We were able to meet and hire people with similar values to ours, great talent and ready for very hard work. We are very fortunate for a team we have and the way we were able to grow.

Lords of Hellas Core Box

Together with you we were also able to create a great community – we have so many people that are positively engaged with our games. You are giving us great feedback on everything it is a real blessing. Without so many passionate people supporting us we would never be able to create those great games.

This War of Mine: TBG pre-painted miniatures
This War of Mine: TBG pre-painted miniatures

 Last thing is the progress made on technology front – we were able to developed GameFound quite a lot (it is not visible now, but it should be significantly in 2018 ;) ) and it helps us with invoices, shipping and overall make our lives way easier on administration front.

Plans for 2018

We have started a company with a very clear and simple mission in our mind: To create great entertainment that would inspire and share values. We will definitely follow this in new year to come.


We definitely have some catching up to do with finishing shipping of language editions of This War of Mine; finishing production and delivery of The Edge: Dawnfall; finishing shipping of 1st wave of Lords of Hellas and whole 2nd wave.

The Edge Dawnfall production quality miniature: Oracle of Wrath
The Edge Dawnfall production quality miniature: Oracle of Wrath

While our production and delivery team will be taking care of that, our creative team prepared a whole new project – Nemesis. This Board Game have a long story of development and we are very happy to finally launch the Kickstarter in January with cooperation with Rebel. Once again, we feel that Nemesis is one of a kind Board Game that there is nothing really like it to compare it to and we are always excited to bring something fresh on the market.

 Other game that we have planned is pretty secret right now, but we can say that it will have strong focus on adventure and story. We think that we will be able to surprise you with this one.

 We will also focus on promote SiegeStorm and create a league around it – we envision the game as the legacy card game with expansions that will keep it on players table. But to be honest, it is rather wild project and we will see where it will take it with community behind it.


There is GameFound project that we will continue to develop and introduce more and more useful functionalities both for creators as for backers and with new team behind it, we have a very high hope on rapid development of this platform!

Lords of Hellas sundrop models

Sundrop is also an initiative that we have started in 2017 and we are eager to see how it will develop in 2018 – our goal was to create a way for people who do not paint to receive a miniature that will look better than just raw plastic for small amount of additional money. This is something that we hope to improve both in terms of quantity as the final quality.


We think that things listed above will be our focus in upcoming year to come, but as a live proven more than once we need to be flexible and perhaps more important things will pop up especially in so dynamically changing world. We would also love to hear your thoughts on things that you think is important and would like to see progress in!

Overall, we would like to thank you all for being with us in 2017, your support and feedback! Have a great 2018!

Update #52

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