Back From the U.K. Update

Renaissance Skeleton Army-28mm miniatures for gamers
by Thomas Foss
Triumph of Death: 28mm renaissance skeleton army miniatures cast in white metal for gamers and collectors, by Skull and Crown.
May 2017, San Jose, CA, US
18:49 - 5 October 2017

Update #31

Back From the U.K. Update

Ahoy Backers!

Back from the U.K.!

I just to update you all on progress here at Skull and Crown Central. We are back from our fortnight of adventures in the U.K. where among introducing my Fosslings to new ways the world works, food, several different travel methods, and of course climbing castles and visiting museums, we also got to meet up with many of my friends in the "industry". More on that in another post.

Along the way I made many sketches and took a bajillion reference pics for upcoming minis. Here's a few to whet your whistle.





 And here's a sketch of an upcoming unit: Crossbow!

Concept for crossbow firing, high position
Concept for crossbow firing, high position

 Shipping Update!

I'm already back on the task of getting all orders shipped out, posting another 12 yesterday, and, fingers crossed will be done by this weekend- Woot!  Again, there are still 6 of you death heads out there that have yet to respond to your surveys. I've emailed you again, and If I don't hear from you by the 10th, I'll just refund your pledges.

Confirmations are confirming!

Thank you all who have been giving feedback on the minis and the shipping. I share all of these notes with my caster and my sculptor- they really put smiles on our faces! keep them coming!

Right, back to work. I'll yap at you and have more pics after we get all these last orders out!

I remain your most Obd't toy maker


Update #31

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.

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