Manufacturing Update + Volunteers Needed!

Folklore: The Affliction (2nd Printing)
A cooperative/solo adventure board game of mystery, fear, and dark fantasy.
Setting: Fantasy
October 2017, Marlborough, MA, US
21:01 - 25 May 2018

Update #28

Manufacturing Update + Volunteers Needed!

Greetings Folklorians!

We hope this update finds you all well on this beautiful day. Just a couple quick words from us today...

Timeline Update

Manufacturing is proceeding smoothly with no hiccups. In the coming weeks we'€™ll be getting everything lined up for freight shipping, and as of now we are still looking at an August delivery window worldwide.

GenCon 2018 Attendees - Who wants to play?

Due to their popularity, GenCon wants to know if we are able to add more Folklore events! The game'€™s designers and a few volunteers are already running a full schedule of games, but we'€™d love to bring some of you in to lead a party of would-be heroes. There is a new GenCon special tutorial story for this event, and we'€™ve got promo cards and game credit to compensate you fearless adventurers for your time spent.

If you'€™re attending GenCon this year and interested in running a Folklore event, shoot us a message via our contact form. Please select '€œI want to volunteer my services.'€

A quick shout out to an amazing project...

Mighty Boards presents: Posthuman Saga

Our friends over at Mighty Boards have been working their fingers to the bone putting their hearts and souls into their newest game! If you'€™re not familiar with their work, these are the guys who put out Vengeance and Petrichor - two beautifully "thinky" euro-style games with deeply immersive narratives and thematic feel. Their games are as clever as they are beautiful, and in our opinion Posthuman Saga is their crowning achievement. There is SO MUCH to say about this game - tactical survival, dark and humorous story, deeply strategic combat, amazing components - you have to take a look at the campaign for yourself. Moreover, they'€™ve brought Jonathan Gilmour (creator of Dead of Winter, Dinosaur Island, Wasteland Delivery service, etc) onto the team. We don't say this often, but this one is a must see:

Oh yea, and we made the miniatures for this one, so you know they'€™re going to be awesome :)

Thanks for reading everyone! There is some excited Folklore news coming this fall, and we'€™ll keep you updated every step of the way on delivery.

Talk to you soon,  

Greenbrier Games

Update #28

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.

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