Mk 23...'The Welder'

The Fourth Android Collective! Back With A Vengeance!
32mm tall white metal Android miniatures for painters, tabletop gamers and collectors alike.
Setting: Sci-fi
June 2018, London, UK, GB
16:53 - 12 June 2018

Update #3

Mk 23...'The Welder'

The Mk 23 is a new unit that has recently been developed to make efficient use of plasma technology advances. This unit is most commonly known as 'The Welder'.


Supplied in a heat resistant paint scheme of red and yellow, it is a very distinctive design, especially when its blue plasma unit is in use and glowing.

Due to its immense power and cost to maintain, this unit is not a very common sight on construction sites across the galaxy, as it is so powerful and dangerous.

A less potent version is currently being tested. This toned down version will be available in a traditional 'construction yellow and black' scheme for more general construction use.

Update #3

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.

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