Pre-Production Begins, Final Miniature Proofs!

FARSIGHT: Corporate Warfare in a Dark Future
by Lewis Shaw
Man and machine fight for dominance in this epic sci-fi strategy game with optional scale miniature sets.

April 2017, Southampton, UK, GB
12:24 - 15 November 2017

Update #17

Pre-Production Begins, Final Miniature Proofs!

Hi all! 

A few of you have asked for another update, and seeing as you are the ones who run this joint, here it is! 

Whilst there's not a large amount of news, I'm happy to report that all the news we do have is positive. So, in chronological order: 

Meeting our Manufacturer


Whilst we had met representatives from our manufacturer before, Essen was our first time meeting (in person) our handler for Farsight - Mandy!

She was positive about the production process, and very pro-active in ensuring that you guys get the game you deserve. She also expressed surprise that our miniature files were better than many that they receive from much larger publishers, with the models themselves not requiring any real modification to be ready for print!

Which brings us nicely on to...

Miniature Proofs


Our final PVC proofs for the miniatures came through, and they look nothing short of incredible. The proof (no pun intended) is in the pudding, but suffice to say, the only modification we're making to them for full production is adding some reinforcement to the bases (as they're quite wide, they're currently susceptible to warping.) 

There is however, one thing that I'm eager to bring up before you do - bending. You'll notice in the photo that some of the extremities (such as the gun barrels on the Prototype and Assault models) can bend slightly if put under pressure. This is perfectly normal for PVC models, and as anyone who's used them before will tell you, easily corrected. Just as they can bend out of place, they can be bent back into place - you can dunk them in warm water first if you're worrying about the plastic weakening, but this is not a problem we've had with our proofs. 

More importantly, the plastic organisers we're including in the miniatures boxes should be more than enough to keep your minis safe whilst they're in transit or on your shelf :) 

Pre-production Begins

After weeks of proofing and tweaking our print files, we have transferred them to our manufacturer in Shanghai, with which they aim to create the final proof copy of the game by the end of November.

Whilst this is not the game going to print in proper (we'll have a chance to review and adjust the files before that happens) it's an exciting development that takes us a lot closer to getting your games to you!

If we get the final proof by 30th of November, we'll be showing it off at the Dragonmeet convention in London on the 2nd of December - if not, we'll probably still take along our prototype, so drop us a line if you're attending and we can throw some dice together!

Until next time!

Lewis & Team Braincrack

Update #17

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.

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