an update a week until the fulfillment is done

Warbands of the Cold North V ; 28 mm dwarf miniatures
fantastic 28mm scale metal miniatures! Dwarves, Elves, Goblins!!
Setting: Fantasy 28mm
July 2017, Simpsonville, SC, US
21:07 - 12 March 2018

Update #32

an update a week until the fulfillment is done

  Ok everybody, we have stretched yall's patience very thin I know. We are working through the remainder of fulfillment needing shipped as we are able. we just shipped a big lot of packages today and we will be shipping more later this week. there are a few items from the back catalogue that have gone out of stock which we are having to await to ship the international orders as footing the bill to ship one or two or three or even four or five in some cases is just too expensive for us to absorb. I am very sorry for this continued delay btu we are working to resolve it as swiftly as possible. we have also run out of stock of Alvahildr but that restock is only about a week away from delivery and all teh packages currently packed are still awaiting labeling so the restock of Alvahildr wont really slow us down by more than a few days.

  At any rate we are working and I hope there will not be more than 2 more of these weekly updates before this is done.

  Thank you all for your continued patience with us.



Update #32

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