We are live on Kickstarter!!

by Dreamcraft Games
Theosis is a Worker Placement and Tactical Combat Miniature board game that emphasizes fun gameplay and fast action!
Setting: Fantasy
July 2018, Braunschweig, Germany, DE
0:46 - 13 February 2019

Update #31

We are live on Kickstarter!!

Hail to all of thee! After so many months, we are live again with the expansion of Theosis: Godslayer, and we could not be more excited! The Kickstarter campaign will be live from February 12-19 -- only for one week! The real question though is how this expansion going to improve our game?

Starting with the new Weapons, Armors, Shield, and Artifacts, we could say a lot. More items mean more options, more diversity, and thus deeper gameplay with more possible combinations. We have many interesting options such as Artifacts that do specific types of damage (Flaming weapons etc.). Moreover, we have two new tags specifically designed for the co-op and solo game modes. Weapons with the Slayer tag will deal double damage against monsters. Armor and Shields with the Green Resistance and Protection symbols can now protect a Hero from the powerful Acid Attacks of monsters. Search Hierapolis for these items while preparing for an Arena battle against monsters and you might have a chance of staying alive.

At the same time, more Rituals from the stretch goals and the expansion will add new strategy options to the game. These Rituals might seem more powerful than other Rituals, but also have the downside of affecting not only the enemy but your Heroes at well. Planning is more crucial than ever, and carefully setting up a Ritual to be triggered at the right time might secure your victory.  

The new Power Cards offer more deck building options. Each Power Card appears once in each Alignment. Players will now have more options -- in specific places in each Alignment, you will be able to choose between two cards rather than only having one choice. These new Power Cards synergize well with the old cards and offer new options for the player to develop new possible decks and tactics.

Finally, the new great Boss, the Godslayer, will turn out to be the most difficult encounter your Heroes have ever faced in co-op or solo battle. Their power can only be matched by that of the great boss Apolyon. The miniature is also astonishing, and who doesn'€™t need a dragon and a dragon rider maiden?

We will take advantage of this update to also show you the progress of manufacturing Theosis. Here are some pictures of samples sent to us by our manufacturer, Starry Games. The production is going well, and we are not expecting any delays. The core game will be shipped to you during summer 2019 as planned. For those of you who also choose to back the expansion, it will be shipped together with the core game without any extra shipping cost!

Thank you so much for everything you have given us!!

The Dreamcraft Team


Update #31

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.

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