(┌ºoº)┌ Tuna-mayo Onigiri for dinner

Yōkai Quest
Yōkai Quest is a collaborative game for 1 or more players, set in a fantasy, Japan-inspired world with a chibi look.
November 2016, Malaga, Spain, ES
0:47 - 5 October 2017

Update #58

(┌ºoº)┌ Tuna-mayo Onigiri for dinner

Hello everybody!


This week update is shorter than past week, we are very focused in have the package ready to send to the factory.


We continue with the preparations to send all the material. The work goes apace and everything is going as planned. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


We expect to have an approximation of the production times in one or two weeks after sending the material. As soon as we get this information we will have an update detailing all the expected deadlines and steps in the manufacturing


Have a great week and see you on the next update! ੧(❛▿❛)੭

Update #58

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.

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