Catching Up

Perdition's Mouth - Revised Edition
A gritty, ruthless, Euro-style, co-op dungeon crawl, praised for its replayability and unique gameplay by players of the 1st edition
Setting: Fantasy 28mm
October 2017, Columbia, SC, US
23:04 - 31 January 2018

Update #36

Catching Up

You may have wondered why you didn'€™t received an update last week, if you did, then thanks for your patience. I wish there was an exciting story as to why this was but in truth I just got caught up with other things. So here'€™s a rundown of where we are now:


We'€™ve received feedback on our first batch of material sent to our manufacturer. We'€™re checking it over but so far everything looks good. The second batch of material is due to be sent to them at the end of this week and we'€™re on schedule. We've also received new pictures of the Raven miniature.




We'€™re really pleased that Perdition'€™s Mouth: Abyssal Rift is continuing to get good reviews. You can watch the latest one (in German) below, by Fantasy Welt, our distribution partners in Germany.

Backerkit Issues

We have now added another weight level for Backerkit in North America, this is for items up to ¼lb and is US$4.50 for USA and US$6.25 for Canada. The previous lowest level was for items up to 1lb and this will continue to be applied to orders weighing more than ¼lb and up to 1lb. This should help people who have been concerned by the high shipping charges when adding small items to their order.

We think that this is (finally) the last of the Backerkit issues to be resolved. If you'€™re still having problems then let us know but please remember that the rates quoted are not just for postage - they have to cover fees from our distributor, fees from Kickstarter and fees from Backerkit. There are a lot of people involved that have to take their cut!

It'€™s Good to Talk

We'€™ve started to re-evaluate how we use social media. We know it'€™s an area that we can improve in and we'€™ll look to do that over the course of this year. To begin with, we'€™ve chosen to focus on Twitter. If you already follow us there, hopefully you'€™ve noticed our increased presence in the last fortnight. If you don'€™t follow us yet then now you have a better reason to. Do feel free to look us up there, ask questions and share experiences of your games.


Conventions and Festivals across Europe

Although what you may think of as '€˜the convention season'€™ is still a few months away, boardgame players and companies are beginning to emerge from their winter hibernation across Europe. As you know, you can follow Timo, Tinsku and Wyrm'€™s progress across Europe and the conventions on Tinsku'€™s '€˜blog. It all begins now. We'€™re set up at Spielwarenmesse, in Nuremberg, and we'€™ll be there until the end of the week demo'€™ing Darwinning! and Perdition'€™s Mouth: Abyssal Rift. Please do come and say '€˜Hello!'€™ if you'€™re attending.

On our stand at Spielwarenmesse nd ready to talk to you.
On our stand at Spielwarenmesse nd ready to talk to you.

Over the next few weeks we'€™ll be attending Cannes Game Festival (France) and Airecon (Harrogate, UK).

Lee and the DDP Team.

Update #36

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.

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