It's about time

Perdition's Mouth - Revised Edition
A gritty, ruthless, Euro-style, co-op dungeon crawl, praised for its replayability and unique gameplay by players of the 1st edition
Setting: Fantasy 28mm
October 2017, Columbia, SC, US
1:41 - 25 February 2018

Update #37

It's about time

This is long overdue, I know. We'€™ve had a lot of technical issues in the last month which have made life difficult, eventually resolved thanks to changing the hardware and software on our servers. We'€™ve also been busy of course - with Perdition'€™s Mouth: Abyssal Rift, with Darwinning! and with our European tour. That'€™s not an excuse, just an explanation. You deserve more regular communication from us and we'€™ll try to get back on track.

So what'€™s been happening in the last few weeks?

If you follow us on social media then you'€™ll know some of this already but we'€™ll try to run through everything (I'€™m beginning to feel like this is one of those occasions where you bump into an old friend and think nothing'€™s changed, only to suddenly realise that everything has).

We'€™re still steadily progressing on getting everything ready for printing and we'€™re on schedule. We received questions back from our manufacturers after the first batch of files we sent them and these have now all been resolved.

So what'€™s happening in the next few weeks?

The next batch of material is due to be sent this week and it includes most of the scenarios. These have all been playtested thoroughly and many of them have now been translated into the various languages, so we'€™re looking good to make that deadline. We expect to receive feedback on this quickly as we'€™ll be sending it right after the Chinese New Year and everything will be getting back up to pace again.

Samples of the new PVC miniatures are also due to be sent this week to Ukko, who will paint them for us in the next few weeks to show you.

We'€™re expecting to receive the white copy of the game (for those of you that don'€™t know this means a complete set of game components, including cards, etc., that have not been printed) some time this week as well. This is an important step in ensuring that we'€™re happy with the quality and that our manufacturer knows how we want everything assembled.

Tinsku has continued to '€˜blog about the DDP tour and the Multamäki family'€™s adventures, encompassing both the Nuremberg Toy Fair and the International Games Fair in Cannes, in February. If you'€™d like to come and say hello our next ports of call with be LeiriaCon (where Timo, Tiinaliisa and Wyrm are headed straight after Cannes) and Airecon (where I will be manning our stand on my own).

Replay with sound
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Are there any other important things to note?

Yes, first, please remember that Backerkit closes on Thursday 15th March - that'€™s now less than three weeks away. If you haven'€™t completed your survey yet please do - we'€™re as certain as we can be that all of the shipping price issues have now been resolved. Any orders for the first edition of the game that were completed before Timo left Finland were shipped then and those backers should now have their copies, the next batch will be processed after Backerkit closes.

Finally, as I alluded at the beginning of this update, we have re-launched Darwinning! on Kickstarter. Thanks to your feedback we'€™ve completely overhauled the campaign page and the graphic design - we think it'€™s vastly improved from the first time when, if we'€™re honest with ourselves, it was a bit rushed. We'€™ve been getting really positive feedback on the game as we'€™ve toured Europe so please do drop by the campaign page, have a look and let us know what you think.

Lee and the DDP team.

Update #37

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.

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