Arcade Rulebook, Sculpt Compendium, A Case of Mold

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Update #108

Arcade Rulebook, Sculpt Compendium, A Case of Mold

Hello Explorers!

Going forward, I am going to be moving updates to Wednesday. That way, we here at Soda Pop have Thursday and Friday to answer questions that may come up from an update before the weekend.

We have a couple of cool items to share with you this week. 


The first is the laid out Arcade Rulebook. Please note that it has currently undergone only one editing pass, and still has some placeholder images for diagrams and black and white images while art is finished being colored. There's also some compression artifacts on the images, since it is a big file. Don't Panic! The final book's images will all be super crisp and clear. It is looking stellar, and we hope you enjoy looking through it!

Download the Arcade Rulebook

Over the next weeks we'll be doing additional editing passes to fine tune the layout. If you have feedback on the rulebook, email it to by Monday, October 16th. Title your email, "Arcade Rulebook Edits," so that it can be sorted properly. At this point, playtesting is done, but if you catch anything we miss we would love to hear about it! (Also, please keep in mind, if you have a question about the kickstarter those questions go to


Next up, we have images of every sculpt for the kickstarter, all complete and organized for you to look through. You can download every image right here:

Download the Sculpt Compendium

I picked out a few of my favorites below, because they're awesome!

 The Grim Golem! This guy is one of the mini-bosses from the Realm of the Midnight Tower. He is currently rendered in grey but will be the pink/magenta color of other Midnight Tower models when produced. I love the details on this guy: the miniature Nether Elf handler hanging out on his shoulder, the gargoyles carved around him, and the awesome little door in his belly. Are there more nether elves hanging out inside? They'll never tell!

Aubnar Buttonbjorn is such a dapper dwarf. An expert tailor, this NPC is a true master with equipment modifications, and Heroes who employ his services are always impeccably equipped. Plus he has buttons on his hat, and that is radical.

 The Yowling. Egg helmet! Just. Too. Adorable.


Generally mold is a bad thing, but in this case it's a welcome sight. We had our manufacturers snap some pictures of a few of the molds they have already completed. I always find behind the scenes shots like this fascinating.

These first shots are for the Crown Guard Warband





This second group are molds for the Frostbyte Ravagers Warband.




Next week, I'll have an update for the Consul's Grimoire for Legends and other cool stuff that we can gather up to share with you. A huge thank you to everyone who has already begun sending in your feedback!

As a reminder, here is the link for feedback:

Legends Feedback Form!

(We're working on modifying it to be more Legends specific. ;)

See you next week!



THE DREAMING: The time before Crystalia, when only the Goddess existed, drifting within the Etherium. Also known as The Time of Mist, The Time Before, Birth of the Goddess, and The Starlight Sea.

- A Timeline of Crystalia, compiled by Master Librarian Nikolai Ten

Update #108

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.

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