More Mold, Arcade Style, and Loot!

Super Dungeon Explore: Legends
Super Dungeon Explore, the chibi board game, returns with LEGENDS — featuring a new starter box, campaign play, and RPG action!
October 2015, Boise, ID, US
2:42 - 12 October 2017

Update #109

More Mold, Arcade Style, and Loot!

Hello Explorers,

I hope your week has been an excellent one, we have some more pictures to show you this week, along with an update to the Consul's Grimoire, and the Legends Loot Deck. Before we get into that though, I'd like to quickly answer a question that is popping up in the comments section a lot. What is getting retail packaging?

The following is getting retail package:

  • Super Dungeon: Explore
  • Super Dungeon: Arcade
  • Super Dungeon: Legends

Also, the Crown Guard warband and the Frostbyte Ravagers warband will have their boxes flat packed with them in the Bitey Book box. Additional items will be in the collector's edition Bitey Book box. For those of you who backed our Forgotten King Kickstarter the packaging arrangement will follow the same example.


We have some more pictures of production process. First, we have pictures of some of the master models that the manufacturers use to test engineer and create the molds for the Arcade/Midnight Tower models, along with a few other models.
















 From these models, manufacturing then creates molds. We have some more pictures of molds, this time of the ones for Super Dungeon: Arcade (Midnight Tower)






 As we get more pictures and cool stuff from manufacturing I will continue to pass it along!


The Consul's Grimoire got an update this week, with the rules for playing Arcade Style. Playing without a Consul is largely the same as playing with one. The biggest difference is you are limited to premade adventures (designed by us or the community) and you will lack the flexibility of a human being able to react to the crazy shenanigans the Heroes get up to! However, you do gain the benefit of everyone getting to be a Hero. :)

Otherwise, Arcade Style simply uses some basic guidelines and strategy blocks to help inform you how the monsters should behave during the adventure, with all of the players managing their activation. We also provide you with two different methods of resolving monsters' dice rolls, and you can use whichever method you and your group prefers.

Download the Consul's Grimoire


In addition to the Consul's Grimoire, we have created the playtest Loot Deck. In it you'll find some old favorites as well as some new items. It's important to remember that loot works differently in Legends than in Explore or Arcade. It's not as plentiful, but you also can hold onto it from adventure to adventure. It can also be broken down into crafting components which can be stored in your backpack and used during adventures, as well as crafting more powerful wonders for use later in the game. Because of this, loot is pretty basic, but never under estimate the value of an extra die or a bonus to a roll!

Download the Legends Loot Deck

I hope you enjoy looking through these new components for Legends. As always, please provide your feedback and we will continue to use it to shape Legends and make it as strong as possible!


Will be in the form of another livefeed video Q&A. I will be answering questions for any of our Kickstarters, as well as any other questions you may have about the universes, development, etc you may have about anything Soda Pop. We're going to try out this livecast on YouTube instead of Kickstarter, because it provides us with a broader array of tools to use. The cast will begin next Wednesday at 4:00pm MST. Currently the plan is to run one hour, but if we have enough questions to keep going we'll go two. 

If you won't be able to join us, but still have a question you would like to have answered, feel free to post it in the comments below and we'll either answer it in the comments or I'll cover it during the broadcast.

On the day of the event I'll post a link to the cast in an update and on our social media pages so you don't miss it. Looking forward to seeing you!



THE BIRTH OF CRYSTALIA: When the Goddess spun the gift of creation from the Etherium giving birth to the land of Crystalia. Also known as Mother’s Breath. The Time of Laughter and Song. The Birth. The Goddess Forge.

- A Timeline of Crystalia, compiled by Master Librarian Nikolai Ten

Update #109

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.

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