With two 85watt lasers to work on production, the big task for us is not how will we keep up with stock levels for orders to go out quickly. Our biggest task is which way do we go next; do we make more historical, and if so which period, or do we go for futuristic or fantasy buildings. So if you have any ideas of what we should design next please contact us. The more people who ask for that special thing, the more likely we will make it, so if you see it here in 28mm and you want 15mm or 20mm just let us know - maybe you want buildings and walls for your King& Country or Tom Gunn 60mm collection.

Personally, we game with miniatures, cards and board games so markers for all these types of games will be in the pipeline. If we don’t have the marker or counter you want for a game, just contact us. We’re also making bases and movement trays; with such large and fast, lasers, we can make these simple items less costly and pass the reduced costs on to you. We’ll be offering many at lower prices than are often found on internet auction sites.

We’re happy to work with other manufacturers, so maybe you want to add our kits to your range of products, or add your stuff to our model kits (sandbags in windows etc) - we don’t mind if you also design and make buildings, if you want to work with us and we can, we will. Have you a design for a laser cut component you want, or would you like us to design a range of tokens or markers for a game or rule system you produce. Send us a short message at business enquiries with what you have in mind. We cut and etch/engrave in many materials (solid woods, ply-woods, MDF, HDF, laminates, acrylics - acrylic from 1.5mm to over 30mm thick) so if you have something that’s more than an initial idea let’s talk.

Most of 4GROUND’s products are available to retailers (a physical shop is not required for an account, but you must have already established your own mail order website). Contact us at business enquiries for all trade requests and tell us a bit about your business. At first this site will be thin on the ground with product, as long term quality and customer happiness, is more important to us than short term sales. Keep coming back and you’ll see we’re pro-active with developments. You can keep up with our news by going to news & info.

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