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Joseph Procopio, founder and co-publisher of Picture This Press and the award-winning imprint Lost Art Books, is a 25-year veteran in publishing as a writer, editor, and creative director. Outside of publishing, he has a lifelong passion for music, illustration, film, and tabletop miniatures gaming. As a small business owner, Procopio brings the experience needed for success in launching a new venture such as Above the Fray Miniatures. His Lost Art Books is passion publishing, and Above the Fray Miniatures is his way of expressing a similar passion for the pulp-inspired fantasy that has fueled his imagination over a lifetime of reading and gaming.

Above the Fray Miniatures produces affordable, small-batch 28mm miniatures for tabletop gaming.

We're commissioning the types of miniatures we want to see on our own gaming tables and are launching a Kickstarter--starting Nov. 9 and ending Nov. 24--believing that kindred spirits in the gaming community would enjoy including these figures in their own role playing and tabletop miniatures games.

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Crowd Funding Projects from Above the Fray Miniatures

Icons of Pulp Fantasy: 28mm Game Miniatures
A set of eight classic hero and villain miniatures for pulp-inspired sword & sorcery tabletop role playing games and wargames.
Setting: Fantasy, Pulp 28mm
November 2018, Silver Spring, MD, US

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