Acheson Creations

The designers and mould makers of our company have a tradition of craftsmanship that goes back to the mid 1800's. Since that time members of our family have been cabinetmakers, pattern makers, molders, casters, artists, engineers and designers.

The members of Acheson Creations continue that tradition as trained pattern maker, millwright, molder, sculptor, casters and designers who have skills going back over 30 years in both North America and Europe. Our product is of a high standard and we stand behind its quality and the continuing tradition of our ancestors.

Acheson Creations is owned/operated by Craig Acheson. Our Kickstarter projects are managed by Bryan K. Borgman (aka Stratos).

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Crowd Funding Projects from Acheson Creations

Bugs: Into the Tunnels
Two Hour Wargames brings you "Bugs: Into the Tunnels" - a complete game playable with our minis and resin tunnel sections
Setting: Sci-fi 15mm
January 2018, Rochester, NY, US
Kongo Afrika
Acheson Creations LLC has teamed-up with Two Hour Wargames to bring their new Fortunes Won and Lost rule book to life on the game table
Setting: Fantasy, Pulp 28mm
November 2017, Rochester, NY, US
Vikings: Great Hall Burning (28mm tabletop wargaming)
New 28mm metal miniatures, 1:56 scale plastic buildings and terrain, and rules! A complete way to play in the historical Viking era.
Setting: Historical 28mm
July 2017, Rochester, NY, US
Primaeval Designs
28mm (1:56) scale dinosaurs, prehistoric & modern animals in urethane plastic and/or pewter metal for collecting and tabletop gaming.
Setting: Western 28mm
February 2017, Rochester, NY, US
Dungeon Worlds Part 3
Highly-detailed 28mm fantasy dungeon tile terrain cast in urethane plastic. Perfect for tabletop miniatures, roleplaying & wargaming.
Setting: Fantasy 28mm
November 2016, Rochester, NY, US

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