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You will find figures and busts of different historical periods, portraits of famous military leaders, accurate reconstructions of ancient warriors, mythological characters and tributes to famous pieces of Art; a way to live the human history through the miniatures to revive the glorious battles and their protagonists, victories and defeats, brilliant and dark ages...

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First set: 11 May 2017
Last update: 11 May 2017
Next update: ~ Never (we think)

Games / Product Lines of Alexandros Models


Sets: 378
reviews ?
Progress: 84%
In 40 Companies

Flat Miniatures

Flat and semi-flat miniatures.

Sets: 5
reviews ?
Progress: 82%
In 2 Companies


It's a technical game / collection to use in any companies for miniatures category.

Sets: 7289
reviews ?
Progress: 83%
In 159 Companies


It's technical collection.

Sets: 3748
reviews ?
Progress: 88%
In 42 Companies

Persons worked with Alexandros Models ( we know - 5 persons )

Most Viewed Miniatures of Alexandros Models

Penthesileia, Queen of Amazons, Trojan War, Ca. 1180 BC
Penthesileia, Queen of Amazons, Trojan War, Ca. 1180 BC. Set
Miles Christi
Miles Christi. Set
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte. Set
Lt. Thomas Pullings, 1805
Lt. Thomas Pullings, 1805. Set
Genialis, Imaginifer VII Cohors Raetorum, 1st Cent. AD
Genialis, Imaginifer VII Cohors Raetorum, 1st Cent. AD. Set
Macedonian Sarissaphoroi
Macedonian Sarissaphoroi. Set
Herakles and Cerberus
Herakles and Cerberus. Set
Asura, mythological Indian Demon
Asura, mythological Indian Demon. Set
Xerxes, The King of Kings, 480 BC
Xerxes, The King of Kings, 480 BC. Set
Nefertiti. Set
Athena Parthenos (Bust)
Athena Parthenos (Bust). Set
Maréchal Lannes
Maréchal Lannes. Set

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