Amati is a firm that always has a keen eye on market demands, confirmed by the consistently high quality of our models, tools and figurines: precision in miniatures is absolutely essential.

All our naval model kits have exhaustive assembly plans and step by step instructions for beginners and expert model-makers alike, for hours of modelling pleasure.

A little history

Established in Turin in 1879, Amati was originally known as a specialist in the art of fretwork.

From printed fretwork models, the company quickly moved on to produce something new for the public and decided to create a new line in naval models, which soon became the company’s forte.

It’s now 130 years that Amati, with its designers, artists and pattern makers, has been offering enthusiasts the best, most technically advanced products.

Today we can count on a vast and various ranges of models that cater for all tastes: from the famous and beautiful America’s Cup Yachts to historic galleons, world famous steamships and submarines.

The high quality of our materials and detailed construction plans, and the originality of the products, always accompanied by new ideas, put Amati among the world leaders in the naval modelling sector.

Amati - итальянская компания, которая имеет в своем каталоге самый большой из всех других фирм ассортимент редких и экзотических моделей кораблей: модели яхт, гоночных катеров, египетского корабля, греческой биремы, корабля викингов, итальянской гондолы, кораблей в бутылках. Модели фирмы Amati имеют одну из лучших детализаций, у них много металлических деталей тонкого литья. В моделях Amati часто используются фототравленные элементы. Кроме того, фирма Amati является крупнейшим поставщиком отдельных деталей для моделей и предлагает большой ассортимент специальных инструментов для моделистов.

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