Aradia Miniatures

The woods, the Nature, the Middle Ages, the deep sea, the Magic, the ancient sagas of Gods and Heroes!

Aradia Miniatures is specialized in the production of high quality resin miniatures, with a special focus on fantasy figures inspired by the fairy world, mythology or simply by the imagination of our artists.

Aradia offers diverse range and series of miniatures for painters, collectors and gamers.

The company was born in November 2013 from the idea of two italian brothers and now it's continuing to grow thanks to the support of hundreds of people who have believed in our journey.

Our mission is to offer the best service for hobbyists who devote soul and body to the world of miniatures. Ideas, sculptures, paintings, high quality resin and customer service: in every area we try to offer the best service.

Currently Aradia collaborates with top artists of the world of sculpture and painting:


* Stefano Moroni


* Allan Carrasco
* Benoit Cauchies
* Joaquin Palacios
* Olivier Bouchet
* Pedro Fernandez Ramos
* Piqui (Antonio F. Lizaso)


* Ali Jalali
* Arun Nagar
* Diego Rossetti
* George Georgy


* Mirko Cavalloni
* Marco Bariselli
* Alex Varela (Iguazzu)
* Sergio Calvo Rubio

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New Miniatures from Aradia Miniatures

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First set: 15 September 2013
Last update: 26 April 2018
Next update: ~ 22 September 2019

Games / Product Lines of Aradia Miniatures


It's a technical game / collection to use in any companies for miniatures category.

Sets: 7652
reviews ?
Progress: 83%
In 163 Companies


It's technical collection.

Sets: 5321
reviews ?
Progress: 89%
In 49 Companies

Persons worked with Aradia Miniatures ( we know - 21 persons )

Crowd Funding Projects from Aradia Miniatures

Aradia Miniatures - The Divine Comedy: Dante's Inferno II
Second wave of high-quality collectible miniatures based on "The Divine Comedy" of Dante Alighieri and his journey in the Otherworld
Setting: Fantasy 00mm
September 2018, Lugano, Switzerland, CH
Fr 29,811
Aradia Miniatures - Arktikos: Northern Lights
Fantasy kit casted in high quality resin, diorama in 32mm and 75mm
Setting: Fantasy 32mm
December 2017, Lugano, Switzerland, CH
Fr 6,534
Aradia Miniatures - The Divine Comedy: Dante's Inferno
New series of high-quality collectible miniatures, based on "The Divine Comedy" of Dante Alighieri and his journey in the otherworld.
Setting: Fantasy 75mm
May 2017, Lugano, Switzerland, CH
Fr 39,265

Most Viewed Miniatures of Aradia Miniatures

Charon. Set
Mawhi. Set
The Gorgon: Medusa
The Gorgon: Medusa. Set
Ganesh. Set
Ganesh. Set
The Mad Flight, Ulysses
The Mad Flight, Ulysses. Set
Salamanca. Set
Krampus. Set
Yarish the barbarian
Yarish the barbarian. Set
The Green Knight
The Green Knight. Set
Gorgon's cave
Gorgon's cave. Set
Fairy. Set

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