Barton Miniatures

James Barton, producer of 90mm solids miniatures from 1978, sculpted by Richard J. Almond.

Kitney and Company purchased Barton Miniatures in the early 1990's.

They still have all of the master patterns, moulds and the ability to continue to offer this large range of award winning 90mm figures, so we felt that it was now a great time to offer these models to you once more.

As some of you may know, Barton Miniatures has seeming dissappeared off of the face of the figure industry for many years. We have not, as some have put it, been bought by a man in Hawaii in a shed who has send all of our moulds into a black-hole.

Barton Miniatures was purchased off of James Barton many years ago by a company now called Kitney and Company. Kitney and Company are also the legal owners of a smaller scale miniature company called Battle Honours which many of you may also have heard of.

Kitney and Company is a small family business which is mainly a manufacturing-silversmith business who make solid silver photograph frames. As a consequence the Barton Miniatures side of things has been put on the back-burner up until now.

My name is Tom Kitney and I am the son of one of the owners of Kitney and Company, Christopher Kitney. I have grown up in the wargaming/miniature world and as such, that is my passion. Having seen what is on offer elsewhere, I have realised the quality of Barton Miniatures' 90mm white-metal models has been unavailable to the modelling community for too long.

Therefore, as of this moment, Barton Miniatures will rise anew and reclaim its place as one of the premier manufacturers in this field. To do this I need your help. Please contact us using the contact details below to help me revive this company, without the orders this will be impossible. In the near future, we will also be realeasing a previously unseen range of 54mm white-metal models to help to expand our customer base.

Please spread word of our return as word of mouth is some of the most powerful advertising we can have.

Contact Kitney and Company (Barton Miniatures) on Tel: 01304 611 968

Yours faithfully,

Tom Kitney, Jul 28, 2008


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