Battleaxe miniatures

Battleaxe miniatures, making cool sci-fi and fantasy miniatures and hopefully some stupidly easy rules to use them with because, lets face it, who wants to be referencing tables when your drinking and rolling dice ;)

In general i make and sell miniatures ...... what else do you want here? Ok then so I had a swathe of different jobs (postman, shop assistant, forecourt attendant, cycle courier and tattooist) but throughout it all I always painted miniatures. It began when I was seven and walked into a Games Workshop store to buy a replacement team member for my Mancheser United subbuteo team after a pitch invasion by a giant dog. Anyway turns out GW dont sell football figures, I took home the two free catalogues (they should do them again) and was instantly hooked, I bought battlemaster (gw/mb) from toys r us and read every painting article I could get my hands on, needless to say at that time Mike Mc'vey led the way and he soon became my hero (i still cant talk to him without getting nervouse :P) fast forward to 2010 and I had landed a job with GW on the Eavy Metal team (my life goal!) thanks to Daz (darren Lathem) I worked at that for five years and pursued a career in sculpting but as you will soon see or have seen depending on when you read this, big changes were coming to GW, that and management issues made me give it up and move home again setting up as a sole trader and now I am working on my Sci Fi games idea called $^%&(&* (as if I would give up un-registered IP after working at GW ;P) and drinking to much beer, exiting times !!!!!!!!!

Won loads of painting awards etc for miniature painting before joining GW on the eavy metal team and then leaving to make my own miniatures

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