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Компания-разработчик одноименного варгейма. Производитель миниатюр в масштабе 15 мм.
С 19 марта 2017 года прекращает свою работу и выпуск миниатюр.

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New Miniatures from Critical Mass Games

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First set: 1 January 1970
Last update: 1 January 1970
Next update: ~ we dont know, really.

Games / Product Lines of Critical Mass Games

Critical Mass

The Critical Mass 15mm rule system is a fast play alternative action company level game. Infantry are based in multiples and form platoons, vehicles are based individually and grouped to form units. Each game round players must manage their units activations with play continually moving back and forth as each unit is activated meaning games a tense and involved. As you would expect from a sci-fi game Walkers, Drop Troops, Grav Tanks, and much more are a plenty, coupled with lots destruction and mission defined battlefield objectives.

Sets: 325
Reviews: 6
Progress: 82%

Crowd Funding Projects from Critical Mass Games

Astagar 15mm Sci-fi Snakemen
Create a full line of Snakemen inspired infantry models suitable for 15mm Sci-fi games, along with supporting Mecha, Vehicles and VTOLs
March 2016, Wigan, UK, GB
0 sets ?29Kickstarter
Ayame Battle Suit Mecha Miniature
This project is seeking funding to manufacture a 70mm tall cast resin kit of the Ayame Mecha Miniature.
July 2015, Wigan, UK, GB
0 sets ?25Kickstarter
30mm Ayame Battlesuit Miniatures
This project will upscale our popular 15mm Ayame Battlesuit model to 30mm and create a 6 figure Protolene infantry squad in 30mm.
November 2014, Wigan, UK, GB
0 sets ?10Kickstarter
Critical Mass Games - ZAS 15mm Mercs
Expand the popular ZAS Mercs 15mm Sci-fi infantry to full range, including more troops, varied weapon types and heavy weapons
February 2013, Wigan, UK, GB
0 sets ?71Kickstarter

Most Viewed Miniatures of Critical Mass Games

ARC Fleet Building Set 1
ARC Fleet Building Set 1. Set
ARC Fleet Adavnce Combat Walker Furyan Variant
ARC Fleet Adavnce Combat Walker Furyan Variant. Set
ARC Fleet Medium Grav Tank APC
ARC Fleet Medium Grav Tank APC. Set
ARC Fleet Mechanised Recon Platoon
ARC Fleet Mechanised Recon Platoon. Set
3 x 15mm Digital Pattern camouflage Masking Sheet
3 x 15mm Digital Pattern camouflage Masking Sheet. Set
Vanguard Heavy Support Mecha Platoon
Vanguard Heavy Support Mecha Platoon. Set
Hellfire AA Tank Grav Variant Platoon
Hellfire AA Tank Grav Variant Platoon. Set
ZAS RAM Team. Set
ZAS Heavy Weapon Team
ZAS Heavy Weapon Team. Set
ZAS Special Weapons Squad
ZAS Special Weapons Squad. Set
ZAS Infantry Squad
ZAS Infantry Squad. Set
ZAS Drones
ZAS Drones. Set

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