Dark Fable Miniatures

Dark Fable Miniatures is a small venture that emerged out of several successful crowd-funding campaigns. I was inspired by a combination of archaeology, history and Hollywood films to create a range of pseudo-historical ancient Egyptians that would appeal to both gamers and collectors. The focus of the range has been characters and personalities from the royal court of the Egyptian pharaoh where many lavish Hollywood epics have been set. We have also expanded into other themes such as sacred temples, horror filled tombs and creatures from myth and legend.

These high quality 28mm miniatures are made from a lead-free pewter alloy and have an incredible amount of detail and personality. I have designed the miniatures myself, researching the various costumes, hairstyles and accoutrements to create original character concepts. I then commissioned some of the most talented sculptors in the industry to turn these concepts into miniatures. Sculptors such as Kev Adams, David Soderquist, Tim Prow, Jo Brumby, Aaron Brown, Andy Pieper and Brother Vinni have all produced sets of miniatures for the range.

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