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Dark World Creations strives to make the highest quality resin models that we possibly can by making use of the most up to date technology. All of our models are cast in polyurethane resin, which gives our models the highest level of detail possible. The owner and model designer of Dark World Creations is Aaron (Rin). He is an avid and faithful modeler and has worked in the model industry in many roles and for a number of companies. His design goal is to manufacture miniatures that are easy to put together and a pleasure to paint.

The process of producing a model digitally

All of our models are digitally sculpted. We have found that this gives us the most flexible way of designing, sculpting and producing our models. All of our sculptors use Z Brush to sculpt our miniatures. With our sculptors using Z Brush we are able to make changes quickly such as adding detail and changing poses. This flexibility is essential when designing models for our 2000AD range. Once our models are designed and sculpted they are then digitally printed in the highest resolution. With the printing we can breakdown the model to the casters requirements so the model is cast in the best way ensuring all the detail is present. Digital printing also allows our models to be built with the least about of prepping as all the joints are digitally cut. This master copy is then molded and cast using polyurethane resin. By using resin we ensure that the model is detailed to the highest quality possible and that any preparation on the model is minimal and easy to do if necessary.

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First set: 1 January 1970
Last update: 1 January 1970
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Most Viewed Miniatures of Dark World Creations

Rogue Trooper (70mm)
Rogue Trooper (70mm). Set
70mm Resin Skulls x 6 (Bag of Skulls)
70mm Resin Skulls x 6 (Bag of Skulls). Set
Judge Dredd (35mm)
Judge Dredd (35mm). Set
30mm Resin Skulls x 50 (Bag of Skulls)
30mm Resin Skulls x 50 (Bag of Skulls). Set
Judge Dredd (70mm)
Judge Dredd (70mm). Set
Durham Red (70mm)
Durham Red (70mm). Set
Judge Anderson  (70mm)
Judge Anderson (70mm). Set
Judge Death  (70mm)
Judge Death (70mm). Set
Krystal, survivor  (70mm)
Krystal, survivor (70mm). Set
5th New York Zouave (70mm)
5th New York Zouave (70mm). Set
Jessica, Zombie  (70mm)
Jessica, Zombie (70mm). Set
Judge Fear  (70mm)
Judge Fear (70mm). Set

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