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I am (Alejandro Medina Sanchez) just a miniature costumer who felt the desire to create my own miniatures. Im creating miniatures in 28/32mm that you can use in your wargames with similar performance.

This project was started with this maximum budget: 500€. Thats why we need to sell each model we are releasing because we don't have investment and we must do it step by step.

For me its really amazing to create something and know that people want it. Because of that i will create more things beside of miniatures, and i hope everybody going to like it.

Im thankful for everyone who was asking me about my miniatures, about the future and encouraging me to continue.

Нет описания на русском языке. Любой может его добавить, но пока не дошли руки.
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New Miniatures from Davale Miniatures

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First set: 3 August 2016
Last update: 3 November 2016
Next update: ~ Never (we think)

Games / Product Lines of Davale Miniatures


It's a technical game / collection to use in any companies for miniatures category.

Sets: 7646
reviews ?
Progress: 83%
In 163 Companies

Crowd Funding Projects from Davale Miniatures

Riders of the North 2.0 by Davaleminiatures
Exclusive Kickstarter price!! 28mm 'Riders of the North'!! Special offer for KS Backers!!
Setting: Fantasy 28mm
December 2016, Valencia, Spain, ES
Heir's Cousin Riders
Limited edition! Will not be available after Kickstarter! Kickstarter exclusive! 28mm 'Riders of the North'!!
Setting: Fantasy 28mm
November 2016, Valencia, Spain, ES

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