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Don't Panic Games is a fresh and innovative international game publisher (with a mainly french team) dedicated to creating high quality boardgames in rich universes conceived with many upcoming developments. While Drakerys is our first project, we aim to develop cultures of the imaginary as a whole, and not only in the tabletop world. To achieve this goals, we gathered seasoned actors of the publishing and gaming industries. However, we will remain before anything a team of gamers developing products for gamers.

Mohamed Ait-Mehdi, aka Mohand, initiator of the Drakerys project, has been a sculptor and a painter since 2005. First hired at Rackham Entertainment, he then worked as a freelancer for Mantic, Privateer Press and other miniature game companies. In 2009, Mohamed starts Eden, a post-apocalyptic miniature game. In early 2013, his first attempt on Kickstarter met with great success with Escape, a boardgame set in the Eden universe.

Pierre Joanne is Drakerys' game designer. He's already the joyful developer of a post-apocalyptic child: Eden (Taban Miniatures), a game he has been developping during years. A boardgames afficionado, Pierre wants to merge the specific gameplay of eurogames with the tactical potential of the best miniature games.

Nicolas Raoult is a freelance author and game designer. After a ten years experience with Rackham Entertainment, working on products such as Confrontation & AT-43, his latest works include videogames, IP design and recently Zombicide, the boardgame (Guillotine Games).

Cedric Littardi is a French entrepreneur and pioneer of the geek sub-culture related industries. He brought Japanese anime in France, founded Animeland magazine and the Kaze label. A player of every kind of game, he has been a journalist, a publisher and a Producer. He recently founded the central parisian hot spot for geek and gaming communities, the "Dernier Bar avant la Fin du Monde" (The Bar at the End of the Universe) in central Paris.

Alicia Marie Boisbelaud lives in Ohio. She already worked with Taban Miniatures on the Escape boardgame project as a proofreader and voice actor. You can hear her in Drakerys' main videos, and read her writings in the punchiest lines of this very page. Alicia is also the proud mother of three and a gamer's wife. She brings a fresh and feminine point of view to our works!

John Prat is an american RPG and boardgame player living in California. As Cedric's childhood friend with which they played RPGs and boardgames for years, he decided to join the project several months ago and will help with all the translations, adaptations and international testing - we told you we were an international team. Having a perfectly bilingual member is a clear key to the quality of the game and he was very welcome in the team.

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Drakerys is a 32mm miniature range and wargame for hardcore players and collectors. It uses a popular theme and associates it to a modern gameplay.

• The theme revisits classic fantasy armies like wilds orcs and chivalric humans clashing to conquer a world where magic is returning. The game is set in an evolving storyline where ambitious empires and ancient creatures join the fray as the land itself is torn by reawakening energies.

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Drakerys, the miniature game
A miniature boardgame for new and seasoned players alike, where classic fantasy meets modern rules in an elemental world!
Setting: Fantasy 32mm
May 2014, Paris, France, US

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