Fictive Miniatures

We produce 32mm white metal figures for war gamers, role players and painters.

My name is Ryan Funnell. I've been destorying miniatures since I was about five and creating them, on and off, for the last three years. My goal is to make Fictive Miniatures a successful business,providing great miniatures and service. Simple...

Artistically speaking, the main reasons I started Fictive Miniatures were to produce minis the way I wanted them to look and to deveolpe what little sculpting skill I have. It's also a good excuse to work with some of the talented people who have inspired me.

Design Ethos

I'm a big fan of what people call 'busy' miniatures. This doesn't mean that I think covering every inch of a mini in spikes, skulls, leering faces and swirley doodles makes it good. I prefer minis to have points of detail, areas that draw the eye after the initial impact of the face fades. Such details should pose questions to the painter rather than dictate his/her palette or techniques. A finished miniature is, after all, a collaboration between sculptor and painter.

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