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Fighting 15s is the EU agent for Eureka Miniatures and, by association, 15mm and 20mm AB Figures. Fighting 15s has represented Eureka Miniatures in the UK since 2004 and AB Figures in the UK since 2006 (the WWII range joined the ranges represented in 2013).

Fighting 15s supplies 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 28mm and 40mm white metal wargames figures from Eureka Miniatures of Australia, including 15mm Napoleonic, Ancients and American Civil War and 20mm World War II miniatures from AB Figures. Fighting 15s casts a number of 15mm AB Napoleonic figures as well as Eureka Miniatures' 18mm Seven Years War range under licence in the UK.

Fighting 15s is the sole supplier of 15mm Flags for AB, and has been so since buying the range in 2006 from AB Figures UK after the redistribution of licences for the 15mm and 20mm figures sculpted by Tony Barton. Fighting 15s has developed and expanded the range of flags to encompass almost all participants in the Napoleonic Wars.

Fighting 15s owns the 40mm wargames figures formerly made by Flashing Blade of Southampton. These figures are now sold under the Fighting 15s name as Fighting 40s.

Fighting 15s owns the 15mm medieval and Napoleonic ranges formerly made by Oddzial Osmy of Lodz, Poland. These figures are now sold under the Fighting 15s name. The medievals are now fully remastered and re-released; the Napoleonics will be re-released when there is time to make moulds.

We also stock white metal miniatures from Oddzial Osmy, and Shadowforge Miniatures plus acrylic paints from Coat D'Arms. Fighting 15s championed the exceptionally detailed range of 1:600 AFVs and aircraft from Oddzial Osmy from its humble beginnings, introducing the range to UK and US gamers.

Fighting 15s is run by Ian Marsh, a former editor of White Dwarf way back in the mid-1980s, author of the Doctor Who Time Lord roleplaying game, and author of Napoleonic wargames rules Huzzah!. He is Fighting 15s' sole owner and employee. Because Ian is the only person at Fighting 15s, that means there will inevitably be hiccups in service during busy periods, around the time of wargames shows and in holiday periods.

Fighting 15s started life in 2001 as a specialist painting service for 15mm Napoleonics. However, Fighting 15s no longer offers a painting service, and has not done so for the past nine years. Some internet links may say otherwise.

Ian knows about Napoleonics. Please don't assume that he knows about any other wargaming period in depth.

Ian is joint owner of informal rules publishing venture Oozlum Games with Mike Lewis of Black Hat Miniatures. Ian and Mike, along with Marc Gascoigne (formerly of Games Workshop's Black Library), once published a roleplaying fanzine called DragonLords.

Ian is sometimes as forgetful as Pooh Bear. He is also clearly going slightly deaf. Please be gentle with him.

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