Hi everyone! My name is Fabio, and I am the creator of Gaspez Arts. I'd like to tell you briefly who I am and what had brought me here today.

The miniatures, these tiny statues so rich in details, have been my passion ever since I was a child, when the principal matter of everyday discussion with my best friend was which miniature to buy with the little pocket money we had back then. Then I started painting them and playing my first battles on the green field with fantastic armies.

With time I started collecting them: smaller and bigger models, from known or unknown producers, existing or out of production, they started to fill in my cabinets and my basement, swallowing up most of my free time and a considerable part of my fortunes. Not out of the collector's wish to possess everything, nor out of the player's desire to own the strongest army, but because they are beautiful. As simple as that. The small statues I've been collecting are all works of true artists, all of them are tiny masterpieces.

As years passed, I've come to the realisation that this passion of mine was not transient, even though I like to kid myself by saying that I can quit anytime...

Then one day this passion evolved into something new. I thought: why shouldn't I try and realise the miniatures I had in mind by myself, miniatures that might be better than the ones in stores? So I started to get in touch with other passionate people, artists with the gift of materialising their ideas, who would be able to give form -with drawings and sculptures- to what I had in mind.

Therefore I began casting miniatures, using high quality machines to create silicone moulds and to centrifuge flows of molten metal, used to give life to miniatures with perfect details. I can say with a touch of pride that I have reached an excellent standard of quality and experience.

What I'd like to offer you with this web page is the possibility, for all who appreciate them, to collect the miniatures I've created, and to have their dreams come true, just like mine have come true in front of my eyes: contact me, and with a group of expert artistic designers and sculptors we'll give form to your ideas.

Gasparini Fabio is also owner of Neomics Miniatures.

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