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About GCT Studios

GCT Studios is a new British miniatures company founded in 2010.

We are a group of individuals from a variety of backgrounds with a common love of table top gaming. We aim to design and produce games, that are both challenging for the strategist, fun for the casual gamer and provide exciting and dynamic sculpts to bring our worlds to life.

We are gamers at heart and aim to stay true to our gaming roots, all our miniatures are sculpted, concepted and produced to the highest standards.

We are a young but ambitious company and seek to work with others with a similar vision and enthusiasm.

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New Miniatures from GCT Studios

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First set: 1 January 1970
Last update: 1 January 1970
Next update: ~ we dont know, really.

Games / Product Lines of GCT Studios


Bushido is a game of savage battles, of cunning stratagems and last-ditch defences, and where debts of honour are paid in blood. In Bushido, the fate of the world hangs not on armies but on individual heroes, men and women of extraordinary capacity, attuned to the all-permeating life force known as Ki. This force is the very fabric of the universe, and those with the appropriate training or natural talent can tap into this energy source and gain seemingly superhuman powers.

Sets: 33
reviews ?
Progress: 82%

Crowd Funding Projects from GCT Studios

Rise of the Kage, ninja board game with detailed miniatures.
A thrilling stealth board game for two to four players. Will you take on the role of ninja or guard in a game of Rise of the Kage?
Setting: Fantasy 32mm
September 2014, London, UK, GB

Most Viewed Miniatures of GCT Studios

Akimoto. Set
Gaki. Set
Kintaru. Set
Okina and Oto
Okina and Oto. Set
Katsumoto Takashi
Katsumoto Takashi. Set
Nezumi Kun
Nezumi Kun. Set
Fisherman of Rokan
Fisherman of Rokan. Set
The Nian
The Nian. Set
Tra-Peng. Set
Kemono and Ushi
Kemono and Ushi. Set
Araka the Slave of Yurei
Araka the Slave of Yurei. Set
Waka. Set

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