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Greebo Games is a well known Italian manufacturer of miniatures, born for fantasy football. Recently we have started to produce board games and different types of fantasy sports game, other than collaborations with different Italian and International realities.

Greebo Games is a miniature figures manufacturing company founded in 2005 by former professional goldsmith Lorenzo Giusti, and currently headquartered in Poggio a Caiano, near Prato, Italy. Their product line includes, but is not limited to, miniatures to be used in Fantasy Football games (such as Blood Bowl, Deathball and Street Bowl) and other roleplaying or wargaming game systems, both pre-existing and created entirely in-house. Our track record includes successful collaborations with Lucca Comics & Games, the 2015 Bood Bowl World Cup in Lucca and multiple successfully completed Kickstarter projects, the latest being the "Obsidian Dusk" Dark Elves team for Fantasy Football game systems.

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New Miniatures from Greebo Games

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First set: 17 April 2017
Last update: 17 April 2017
Next update: ~ Never (we think)

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Crowd Funding Projects from Greebo Games

Cone Killer - Legacy Vault limited edition miniatures
For all collectors, painters and gamers: limited edition models created to celebrate this Summer 2018 in a fantasy style!
Setting: Fantasy 32mm
September 2018, Florence, Italy, IT
Fantasy Football: Alastoran - Demons and Chaos
Greebo Games is proud to present you, Alastoran! More than 80 models in 32mm: all kind of chaos creatures are ready to play and win!
Setting: Fantasy 32mm
March 2018, Florence, Italy, IT
Legacy Vault limited edition - Fang 'n Hood
For all collectors, painters and gamers: a limited edition model created to celebrate this 2017 Halloween in a fantasy style!
Setting: Fantasy 32mm
October 2017, Florence, Italy, IT
Obsidian Dusk - Dark Elves for Fantasy Football
Greebo Games is proud to show you the Obsidian Dusk: Dark Elves in 32mm scale. Strike fear in the heart of your enemies!
Setting: Fantasy 32mm
July 2017, Florence, Italy, IT
Limited Edition miniatures: Easter Egg Hunt
For all collectors, painters and gamers: Two limited edition miniatures created to celebrate this Easter 2017 with a fantasy style!
Setting: Fantasy 32mm
April 2017, Florence, Italy, IT
Florence Knights: Bret and Humans team for fantasy football
Greebo Games is proud to show you Florence Knights. More than 50 models in 32mm! Take the field with these new miniatures ready to win!
Setting: Fantasy 32mm
January 2017, Florence, Italy, IT
Un-Renaissance : un-dead miniatures from Renaissance
Un-deads, Necromancy and Renaissance: the perfect mix for your next Fantasy Football team. High quality and details in metal cast.
Setting: Fantasy 25mm
January 2016, Florence, Italy, IT

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