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Grindhouse Games is an independent game development house located in San Antonio, Texas, but with a globe-spanning creative team of experienced miniature sculptors, game artists and graphic designers.
Our primary design goals are to develop an unparalleled gaming experience, create a unique miniatures catalog of the very highest quality, and do good art. By good art, we mean that we intend to push the limits of what many may have come to expect from the genre of Weird WWII and give you, the audience some serious meat to chew on.

Be warned! We’re pretty irreverent in our approach. We’re doing a comic book viewed through the lens of a seventies Grindhouse flick so don’t expect much in the way of realism. You can, however, expect excellence :-)

Нет описания на русском языке. Любой может его добавить, но пока не дошли руки.
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New Miniatures from Grindhouse Games

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First set: 1 January 1970
Last update: 1 January 1970
Next update: ~ we dont know, really.

Games / Product Lines of Grindhouse Games


INCURSION is a board game set in the world of Secrets of the Third Reich. Armored troopers of the US “Lucky Seventh” hurtle through underground bunkers and combat the monstrous forces of the German SWD in a furious race against time. The Doomsday Device is ticking and neither the Allies nor the Axis can fail. The mechanics for this two player game are simple to grasp allowing players to instantly focus on their tactical options. Play is incredibly fast-paced and tense and players choose their forces through a card-based Requisition Point system.

Sets: 3
reviews ?
Progress: 82%

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