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Heresy specialises in 28mm scale fantasy and sci-fi figures, designed to be a bit more characterful and exciting than those of other companies. Most of the range of models are multi-part kits allowing for easy conversion to suit people's needs. We also are a little known for monsters and demons!

Andy Foster is the owner, sculptor, bathroom attendant, etc at Heresy Miniatures Ltd since 2002. Creator of many cool things, and full-time Dragon slayer.
I've been working in the industry at various companies since 1995, including several years running what used to be the Warhammer World store at Games Workshop HQ up until the year 2000, back when it was still downstairs and ignored by everyone else. We used to make the big Games Day displays, you know, back in the day...

Since 2002 I've been running Heresy Miniatures Ltd in the city of Derby in the UK, and have sent out tens of thousands of orders worldwide in the intervening 16 years and earned a reputation for trustworthiness and tenacity in the face of overwhelming dragons. Some of you will have met me at shows like Salute in London or Hammerhead in Newark, or you may know me from Facebook or Twitter where I am highly active, spouting interesting nonsense and silly jokes in between rants about the industry.

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Crowd Funding Projects from Heresy Miniatures

The Heresy Miniatures Dragon - Production Wave II
A limited return to production for the incredible, legendary, infamous, massive, 28mm scale Heresy Dragon fantasy miniature model kit.
Setting: Fantasy 28mm
October 2018, Derby, UK, GB
Return Of The Monsters!
Heresy's most requested OOP monster (& our largest demon) figures ever produced, now even better and in lovely smooth resin!
Setting: Fantasy 35mm
August 2014, Derby, UK, GB

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