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Impact! Miniatures was founded in 2006 to produce independent figures for Games Workshop's Blood Bowl. They later acquired the Elfball game and the fantasy football miniatures they produce are now geared towards it. Impact figures are cast in pewter or resin and (usually) tabbed for slottabases with Impact! stamped on the tab. Impact has funded a few miniatures-oriented Kickstarter projects: these include Ice Hockey miniatures, Little Urban Achievers and the roller derby miniatures for the Impact City game. They also seek out and put into production miniatures from amateur sculptors.

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New Miniatures from Impact Miniatures

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First set: 30 October 2008
Last update: 1 January 2016
Next update: ~ 7 January 2020

Games / Product Lines of Impact Miniatures


ElfBall is rich in tactical stimulation, but streamlined in play. It's the kind of game for those nights when you'd like to play something, but don't want to commit to a traditional fantasy sports simulation.

Progress: 88%


It's a technical game / collection to use in any companies for miniatures category.

Progress: 80%
In 63 Companies

Persons worked with Impact Miniatures ( we know - 5 persons )

Most Viewed Miniatures of Impact Miniatures

Chibi Dragon Carp
Chibi Dragon Carp. Set
Chibi Warrior Red
Chibi Warrior Red. Set
Chibi Wizard
Chibi Wizard. Set
Chibi Thief
Chibi Thief. Set
Chibi Fallen Angel with Sword
Chibi Fallen Angel with Sword. Set
Chibi Cultist
Chibi Cultist. Set
Black Army Halfling Team
Black Army Halfling Team. Set
Chibi Satyr
Chibi Satyr. Set
Chibi Skeleton
Chibi Skeleton. Set
Chibi Pumpkinhead
Chibi Pumpkinhead. Set
Chibi Pony
Chibi Pony. Set

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