Infamy Miniatures

Infamy Miniatures is an independent British company producing high quality 32mm, 54mm and larger resin models.

Many of the models are designed to fit into the steampunk world of Infamy: The Big Smoke, but the new One Shots range offers the chance to produce models in other genres.

Infamy has already successfully fulfilled several Kickstarters and has been producing high-quality miniatures for half a decade now.

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New Miniatures from Infamy Miniatures

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First set: 1 January 1970
Last update: 1 January 1970
Next update: ~ we dont know, really.

Games / Product Lines of Infamy Miniatures


It's a technical game / collection to use in any companies for miniatures category.

Sets: 7612
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Progress: 83%
In 163 Companies

Crowd Funding Projects from Infamy Miniatures

Infamy: Collectibles - The Getaway
The Getaway is Infamy's largest collectible kit yet. An awesome new model of feline bank robbers on the run, sculpted by James W Cain!
Setting: Sci-fi 28mm
November 2018, Nottingham, UK, GB
Infamy Collectibles
A new range from Infamy aimed at painters and collectors alike. Diverse designs, amazing sculptors and high-quality resin casts.
Setting: Western
October 2017, Nottingham, UK, GB
Infamy One Shots Captain Tara Kurkova
Infamy One Shot #3, sculpted by Tom Lishman (Cry Art), is the awesome 54mm scale sci-fi recon fighter Captain Tara Kurkova.
Setting: Sci-fi 54mm
June 2016, Hessle, UK, GB
Infamy One Shots Goblin Chieftain
The first Infamy One Shot is the Goblin Chieftain, sculpted by Valentin Zak. Get the first resin copies of this limited miniature!
Setting: Fantasy, Steampunk 32mm
December 2015, Hessle, UK, GB
Infamy: Welcome to The Big Smoke
An action-packed skirmish game and range of steampunk miniatures. Join the revolution and battle across an alternate Victorian London!
Setting: Steampunk 32mm
July 2014, Nottingham, UK, GB

Most Viewed Miniatures of Infamy Miniatures

54mm Talullah Belle (limited edition)
54mm Talullah Belle (limited edition). Set
Uncle John Bust Large
Uncle John Bust Large. Set
Mad Pete 54mm
Mad Pete 54mm. Set
Frank Hyde
Frank Hyde. Set
90mm Talullah Belle (limited edition)
90mm Talullah Belle (limited edition). Set
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes. Set
The Toad
The Toad. Set
Uncle John Bust Small
Uncle John Bust Small. Set
Chee-Chee. Set
Mad Pete 90mm
Mad Pete 90mm. Set
John Watson
John Watson. Set
Talullah Belle
Talullah Belle. Set

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