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My name's Joe Karame. I've been buying and painting miniatures since 1980. It's been a big part of my life for a looong time now! In 2010, I started JoeK Minis. Since then I've been busy commissioning top level sculptors from around the world to create unique figures, which I then produce in resin and sell to like-minded folk around the world. What they do with them then is completely up to the individual. I'd like to think they will eventually paint them up and that it gives them as much pleasure as I get from making them!

I run JoeK Minis as a hobby business at the moment. Whatever money I make from selling new releases gets put back into the pot, so I can make another one! Occasionally, from time to time I might take out some petty cash to buy a sausage roll.

In 2012, I had the good idea to invite new mini company Infamy miniatures along to a show I was doing at the time. From humble beginnings, great friendships were born, and this led on to the creation of British Indies. Formed of four main companies (JoeK Minis, Infamy, Warploque and White Dragon miniatures), we cruise the UK, going to shows and attempting to convert folks to believe in the joys of little figures of fun! It's been a wonderful thing, and always great to have support from your buddies!

It's not just British Indie though! Another string to my bow (sort of...) is the painting side of hobby. This is my main reason for being in the business! I do a lot of commission painting for folk. This in turn has led to more friendships being established! This hobby has a tendency to bring together an awful lot of great folk. The support I've had over the years I've been doing this has been wonderful!

The future? Well, for the time being JoeK Minis remains a hobby business, but who knows? The more support I get and the more folk choose to buy something from me might make it possible to devote more time to it! Whilst I love my day-to-day job, the thought of being able to make and paint figures for a living is always a great dream!

Thanks for reading my waffle, and thanks for the continued support! It means a huge amount :)

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Last update: 1 January 1970
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Crowd Funding Projects from JoeK Minis

Help me fund the Furies! Sculpted by Dave Kidd, based on concept art from Roberto Cirillo, created by Fet Milner and myself!
Setting: Sci-fi 40mm
June 2017, Cambridge, UK, GB
Help me fund the Argonauts! Sculpted by Dave Kidd, based on concept art from Roberto Cirillo, created by Fet Milner and myself!
April 2016, Cambridgeshire, UK, GB
Paul Bonner's Trolls of Trudvang
Help fund the production of Paul Bonner's Trolls of Trudvang, sculpted by Roberto Chaudon, in association with Riotminds.
Setting: Fantasy
May 2014, Cambridge, UK, GB

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