Knights of Dice

A small, independent miniatures studio based in Melbourne, Australia.

We have a small range of 28mm pulp figures available at the online store as well as our new venture into premium quality laser cut terrain kits with resin and metal accessories.

In April 2014, Knights of Dice acquired two figure ranges from local Melbourne sculptor, Ian KH. Those ranges being a good portion of the latter period of work from Fiendish Fabrications, and the more recent work but the same sculptor, Pulp28's.

Ian KH has been sculpting for several years now and enjoyed good success with his first range 'Gothica Miniatures' released under the now defunct Fiendish Fabrications brand. Much of his work was featured on many sites across the inter-webs, including Beasts of War and The Miniatures Page.

During our discussions with Ian he mentioned that as time moved on and his skills and style changed, so did his passion for sculpting different figures. The Fiendish Fabrications brand had a heavy steam-punk and 'other worldly bizarre' feel about them, and it was a style he wanted to move away from.

After closing FF, Ian changed course and started to focus on a new style and range of figures. Clearly different in genre and style, the range is still relatively young and I'm sure will find good homes in many peoples miniature collections.

We are super exciting to begin our journey as a miniature, casting and game production company (proudly Australian!) with the acquisition of these two miniature ranges.

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