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【Models】 We will unite the soul with the top of the brush and the graver, Models ofknowledge creators give birth to world failed the Shenhuan of hanging odd.

【Models of meaning】 Models, the transliteration of the Sanskrit manos, free translation isintended to consider the meaning of. Insight Sect affectionate heart of knowledge standinto eight, Models know is the seventh consciousness in the eighth consciousness.Models consciousness is the awareness of the fundamental, by its very nature is aconstant trial to consider. Grasping the eighth consciousness (Alaya) see points orseeds for me to make sense of students from the self-consciousness, the Modelsconsciousness, also known as "I know." In a sense, in the process of our creative works, self-awareness and instantaneous inspiration from time to time to stimulate theemergence of new thinking, resulting in a unique and sharp ideas, perhaps the Models ofknowledge is the source of our creation Therefore, we named the studio for the Models.

【Models of team】 We are not a professional sculptor, stylist, and painter, in the areas of expertise we are not outstanding, have never before met, but the same interest together.There are numerous ideas and thoughts in the expansion of our mind, to expresscatharsis, we borrow the hands of the burin and brush, mind bizarre scene to reproducethe same interest you can most intuitive way to feel one of the charm.

【Models of works】 Models at this stage a focus on the development and manufacture ofthe original model, the work style of the Oriental mythology. In Europe and the United States and Japan hands to do the model to flourish today, and hope through the themesof the classics of ancient Oriental myth of the vast information produced rich works of our own unique atmosphere. At home and abroad to play the Friends appreciate and enjoy our work at the same time, to give more understanding of the culture behind thesemodeling ---- This is the Models give you.

Нет описания на русском языке. Любой может его добавить, но пока не дошли руки.
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