Meridian Miniatures

Meridian Miniatures is an independant miniatures design studio run by sculptor Andrew May, based in rural Somerset, England.

Currently we have three in-house ranges under development:

  • Steam & Aether - an Aether-tech infused steampunk vision of post-apocalyptic Napoleonic Europe.
  • Tooth & Sword - a range of chibi styled anthromorphic adventurers on classical fantasy imagery.
  • Terramortis - a dark science-fantasy world ravaged by eternal war.

The majority of the miniatures are sculpted, by hand, by Andrew May and reproduced in metal or resin, scaled to 28mm for gamers, painters and collectors.

We collaborate with artists such as Des Hanley, Paul Gallagher, Honoel A. Ibardolaza and [zhu] to bring these unique and distinct imaginary worlds to life and your tabletop.

Beyond our home product, we have created miniatures for a wide range of commercial and private clients, including Crooked Dice, Impact Miniatures and Otherworld Miniatures. For enquires regards please get in touch via

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New Miniatures from Meridian Miniatures

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First set: 5 December 2014
Last update: 14 July 2015
Next update: ~ Never (we think)

Games / Product Lines of Meridian Miniatures

Steam and Aether

Steam & Aether miniatures are a range of 28mm steampunk miniatures depicting the conflicts of post-apocalyptic 19th Century Europe, and beyond...

Sets: 95
reviews ?
Progress: 97%

Tooth and Sword

Hey! Let's collect The Chibi Animal Adventurer Figures! The Wild Wood is Adventure. Good Guys fight the Monsters. Wicked Ones fight for the Power. Who will win?

The game is YOU! Many kinds of small Animal Adventure People are here. Cat, Dog, Mouse even Wolf. Make Magic with their spells, vanquish with swords in Wilderness, Dungeons and caves!

Together let's enter the exciting and cute world of Animal Adventures, stop the danger and make treasure, Now!

Sets: 23
reviews ?
Progress: 98%

Persons worked with Meridian Miniatures ( we know - 2 persons )

Crowd Funding Projects from Meridian Miniatures

Black Crab Miniatures 2
A set of 8 new 28mm heroic scale civilian figures for fantasy and sci fi gaming.
Setting: Fantasy 28mm
May 2019, Frome, UK, GB
Biomech Overlord Miniature
A tyrannical alien overlord 70mm miniature for your tabletop games.
Setting: Sci-fi, Horror 70mm
March 2019, Frome, UK, GB
Chibi Litch and Evil Minions.
A Chibi style Litch miniature and his evil minions for tabletop games.
November 2018, Frome, UK, GB
Black Crab Miniatures
Three new heroic scale miniatures produced in collaboration with Black Crab Art.
Setting: Fantasy
October 2018, Frome, UK, GB
Terramortis (Canceled)
Bringing a new range of heroic scaled sci fi miniatures to you wargaming table top.
Setting: Sci-fi
August 2015, Frome, UK, GB
Steampunk Militia Miniatures
Meridian Miniatures follow up to it's Steam & Aether campaign. Bring 28mm steampunk civilian militia miniatures to the table top.
Setting: Steampunk 28mm
July 2015, Frome, UK, GB
Interdimensional Bestiary
Meridian Miniatures hope to bring you the first in a line of impressive creature models to populate your tabletop worlds.
Setting: Fantasy, Steampunk 28mm
September 2014, Frome, UK, GB
Tooth and Sword
Chibi animal adventure miniatures for tabletop gaming and RPGs.
Setting: Fantasy
June 2014, Frome, UK, GB
Meridian Miniatures Steampunk Army
Funding the production of a full 28mm miniature army to fit VSF and Steampunk themed games.
Setting: Steampunk 28mm
May 2013, London, UK, GB

Most Viewed Miniatures of Meridian Miniatures

Divers. Set
British Civilian Lady Troops
British Civilian Lady Troops. Set
Trundlematic Riflemen
Trundlematic Riflemen. Set
William Scorsby III
William Scorsby III. Set
Goat Monk
Goat Monk. Set
Prussian Chaplain
Prussian Chaplain. Set
British Drummer
British Drummer. Set
British Civilian Troops Set
British Civilian Troops Set. Set
Songbird Bard
Songbird Bard. Set
British Infantry at Ease
British Infantry at Ease. Set
British Medical Officer
British Medical Officer. Set
Klara Freibeuter
Klara Freibeuter. Set

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